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Wedding Videographer or Wedding Cinematographer?

Hey ladies. I also have been lurking around the boards. I'm getting married 12-15 and I was wondering if you can give me some info on cinematography. Is there a difference? When I've seen videos labeled cinematic I thought there was a difference in quality, like they use super HD equipment because it looks so clear. Some places have different prices for documentary and cinematography which is really expensive. So what is it exactly?

Re: Wedding Videographer or Wedding Cinematographer?

  • Videography probably is the traditional kind, where they just video the wedding. Cinematography is the fancier stuff that you see that has the music behind it, editing, special effects, stuff like that.
  • Narwhal got it!

    Cinematography is pretty fancy and pricey. 

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  • I'm fairly certain they're the same thing! I think it's just a different way of marketing one's self. On my contract I have it's used interchangeably, sometimes they refer to themselves as "videographers" and sometimes as "cinematographers". 
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