New Hampshire

NH White Mountains B&B - Amazing Mountain/Lake View and Great Room for small wedding

A Newfound Bed & Breakfast, Bristol NH -

I feel the need to spread the word about this wonderful place that I discovered, it just wouldn't be right of me NOT to share this luxurious mountain retreat with someone else in my position of trying to find a beautifully decorated, cozy, relaxing location to hold a small ceremony/wine and cheese reception before going out to dinner, this place was PERFECT!!

I recently held a small wedding (10 people) at the Newfound Bed & Breakfast. I could never have imagined how breathtakingly gorgeous and special this place is, but when I finally saw it in person I knew I had made the right choice! I could never have found a more suitable place to create beautiful memories and enjoy the beautiful view, the lake and surrounding mountains are outrageously amazing!! They have an arbor made from birch wood (with bark, it's gorgeous!) on their patio with an amazing view and it all looked stunning for our special day!

The grounds at Newfound B&B are absolutely stunning, there are beautiful birch trees, a tractor that we used to take pictures, a frog pond, hammock, fire pit, garden with a bench, well and water fountain, and very tastful decorations. For wedding preparation, there are plenty of hair salons within a short drive of the B&B, and there are lots of local restaurants to choose from for dinner. 

I could not have asked for a better experience. The Innkeeper Sondra was so helpful to us in all of our preparations, and it was great to have a gourmet breakfast prepared for you each morning!! Sondra is amazing and we are so lucky that she was there to ensure that everything ran smoothly for us!! She made an amazingly special day that much more special and stress free for me and I can't thank her enough!!

I can't wait to go back to A Newfound Bed & Breakfast, before we were even married we were already planning to come back here to celebrate our anniversary every year!!

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