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TN December Bride!

Hey y'all!
       As of Jan 10 my fiance and I have been engaged and as of last week we have officially set our date for 12/22/12 (church and reception venue already booked!) :) I am so very excited to speak with you lovely ladies as we prepare for our Winter weddings! Thus far, we have booked the church and reception site (2 separate places), have a rough headcount (with rounding up just in case! Rather be over preapred than under!) and are now starting on all the little details. I start graduate school in the fall so in order to not have me going crazy trying to plan the last few months before our wedding while also beginning my Master's program, my fiance (along with my family and his of course) are booking, planning, ordering, and organizing everything now so all will be set by Septmeber (when I start classes). Our plan (hopefully it goes that way lol) is to have everything ready to go by September so all we have to do is send out the formal invites in October and then have the pre-ordered/booked flowers, decorations, caterers, etc come in the week of the wedding. My mother and future mother-in-law are beyond amazing and I am so blessed to have them working on some tiny things for me that may NEED to be done during the fall semester. So basically, I am wedding planning like crazy and can't wait to hear from y'all.Any help would be greatly appreciated for those of you who are ahead of the game in planning!  Good luck and God bless y'all:)

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  • Welcome and congrats!! That is exactly what i'm doing because I don't want to be completely stressed with school & the wedding and fail classes and have a crappy wedding because I can't focus on either as well as I will need to. 
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  • Welcome and Congrats!

    Sounds like you're off to a good start! Can't wait to chat with you and read your plans!

    PS. we are date twins!

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  • Welcome to the boards! Congrats on your engagement and happy planning!
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  • Welcome! We have the same date! I'm also getting everything done before the fall semester. I'm a veterinary student, so there's no way I need extra stress. Good luck! 

    PS- We have a Facebook page started for all of the December 2012 brides. If you'd like to join, add me as a friend and I'll add you to the group! 
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