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December 22, 2012

Hello December 22 2012 brides to be
I am getting married that day and for the most part will incorporate the holiday into my theme.  My colors will be red and silver - I will have a few Christmas trees and want a lot of sparkly.  I am still searching for cool ideas to wow my guests - please share your thoughts and ideas.  Thanks


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  • Welcome! We are date twins!

    Your ideas sound gorgeous! Can't wait to read more and chat. :)

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  • That's my date too! And we're from the Cleveland area! We are actually trying to stay away from anything Christmasy. Our colors are a dark hunter/holly green and a chocolate brown. Good luck with everything! 

    PS- We have a Facebook page started for all of the December 2012 brides. If you'd like to join, add me as a friend and I'll add you to the group! 
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  • welcome, and congrats! :)
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  • We have the same date!!!

    We are also trying to stay away from anything too christmasy. Mainly that means we are not going to do anything red and green but we will still have some holiday elements - its hard to avoid it altogether.

    Our colors are going to be hunter green and a deep purple with some gold incorporated as well.

    One thing I purchased (even before we were officially engaged) was some gold tinsel christmas trees from Target's after Christmas sale (they were soo cheap). I think they are going to be great either for the sign in table or the gift table.

    If you haven't picked a location yet - I reccommend somewhere with a wintery feel to it. We were able to rent a lodge at a local state park that we can use for the ceremony and reception. It is very rustic looking inside (all wood floors, wood beams, fireplaces, etc.). I think it is going to be perfect for our winter wedding and will require less decorating. I also am super excited about the fireplaces and think I am going to do a s'mores bar!!!
  • Thats my date too! We are slightly incorporating Chirstmas since our venue has gorgeous white xmas trees around that time. Our colors are Sangria, Champagne, and Ivory! We decided to do our centerpieces ourselves so I got some vases from Hobby Lobby (they were half off) and ornaments in our colors (same place and half off as well) and were going to put them in a big vase with mini pinecones in little vases around them. 
  • Oh my so many wonderful ideas - we are thinking of a bridal party dance to entertain our guests with and to simply just have fun.  We began to look up a few on youtube this past weekend and did not realize how many incorporate a dance into their reception.  How cool!!!  I am kinda nervous though not knowing how the weather may be at that time...I am constantly getting the reply from family and frineds about the weather...YIKES!!!
  • Hello! We are getting married the 21st. I am trying to avoid the Christmas colors. We are going with dark purple, white, and silver. We are going to incorporate a few Christmas songs and I am debating using snowflake ornaments as favor depending on how cheap I can find/ make them.
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  • Just curious December 22nd brides - have any of you all sent out your save the dates?  If not when do you intend to do so?  Knowing that our dates are so close to Christmas I know that they should be sent our fairly soon...
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    I'm a Dec 22 bride!  I'm SICK of hearing that "the world is going to end" the day before my wedding!!!  Anyone else getting that comment?  I simply tell them that I guess surviving the apocalypse  is even more reason to celebrate :)...

    As for STDs, I sent mine out in December, a full year in advance because of being so close to Chirstmas.  I did magnets and was able to stick them in Christmas cards to save on postage (my familly def did not care that it wasn't the most formal way to go!).
  • We sent our STDs at the very beginning of Febuary. We also did magnets. We wanted to give everyone as much time to plan as possible. 
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  • That is our date too :) Our colors are black, ivory, and crimson. I will also be using a lot of the damask pattern. The place we are getting married will have Christmas trees already up, so I will incorporate gold for the ceremony and silver for the reception to tie in the trees, but other than that we are trying to stear clear of the Christmas theme. However, I have seen many pictures of Christmas and Winter Wonderland themed weddings and they are beautiful! Congratulations!! 
  • I'm sending out the STDs at the end of this month and will also do magnets. That way people will stick them on the fridge instead of them accidently going into the trash. 
  • That is also my date!!! :)  We are doing a winter wonderland with lots of white, silver and gold decorations. All the decorations are planned and the centerpieces have been started, they are huge! We are also having Christmas trees on the platform for the ceremony and in the lobby of the church for decoration. 

    Oh we are also sick of hearing the end of the world comment!!! its so annoying! I just say before Christmas and that takes care of it haha! I sent out my save the dates in December, a year before. Those were my Christmas cards and our wedding is so huge we wanted to send them early. Already have invitations too just waiting to find a calligrapher. We wanted to do everything early since my Mom wants to pay for it all ahead of time, and since I'm 3 states away from where we are getting married, and I'm still in college. 
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  • Our tables at the reception are named after Christmas songs, there will be Christmas trees all over and the girls are wearing dark purple. Also, we are having lights in the centerpieces, and like someone else there are shimmery pinecones in there as well. :) 

    Angel, we did the same thing!  A year in advance and we got engaged a year before that in December of 2010! lol its an important month for us.
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