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Hey all,
so yes, I know our wedding dates are in a little over two years, but I was wondering if anyone has done any sort of planning so far.

 I'm started my masters degree in the fall and do not want to do any planning while I am in school, so I have slowly been looking at reception sites and have narrowed down a few colors that I like.

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  • I have been doing a lot of planning. Mostly little things for now that I don't want to have to deal with later. I've got the next two years in school and so does my guy :) so we know we will be very busy. and planning is too much fun, so why not think of the fun things now before things get stressed. We've picked out the bridal party (and groom's too!), gifts for the girls in the bridal party (put in an order for custom made necklaces, and decided what else to buy), we've picked out important weddings songs so special dances, color schemes, obviously the date and a few other fun things. The good thing about planning now is that we get to take our time and change things if we don't quite like them. :)
    Best wishes and let me know how things are going for you!
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    [QUOTE]The good thing about planning now is that we get to take our time and change things if we don't quite like them. :)
    Posted by Mollaylay[/QUOTE]

    Careful with this.  Once you've decided on something, I advise you to not window shop anymore.  A lot of ladies second guess their decisions when they plan things too early.  I'd hate to see anyone on this board end up buying 4 dresses (i've seen it) because after they bought their they found the "really perfect dress".

    Congrats and happy planning!
  • I'm in the same boat! i'm starting my masters in social work at USC this fall and I REALLY dont want to be overwhelmed. I've decided on my attendants, groom on his attendants, colors, theme, and we've narrowed down our choices of ceremony venues.
  • Right now, my planning consists of gathering ideas.  I have a tentative date, but that might change based on when the venue (which I haven't picked yet) is available.  My fiance and I are both in school, and he'll be completely done in 2012.  Our date might also change based on when he has to take the Bar exam.  I should be getting my teaching certification that year, but will still be in grad school after. 
    At this point, nothing is set in stone except that he's mine. 

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  • I've started planning too but nothing too intense. Just looking online and in magazines and saving pictures of things I like. I haven't bought anything and probably won't until there is less than a year to go. I know my location but that's only because it is the same place my parents got married. I agree that it is way to early to buy anything and do anything too serious now but it is fun to plan and it will probably lower stress later. I am learning so much now on ways to safe money so I know the more I learn now and in the next two years the easier it will be!
  • My fiance and I have made one decision for sure, and have narrowed down a time period for when we want to get married.  We asked our Rabbi to marry us, and he was thrilled.  Our wedding will be the winter of 2012-13, I'm hoping for December of 2012.  I'm having fun looking at magazines, but no other decisons will be made for probably a year.
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  • We've got a lot going on at home at the moment, and so haven't done too much on the details, but the basics are in place, we've decided on a date, Friday 28th December 2012, and booked the church and reception venues (mostly because there was so little choice for a reception the size that we are looking for)

    I've started looking at dresses, but am a little concerned about selecting one now as I'm intending to lose around 50lbs, and the change in shape  may not suit the dress I'm dreaming of.

  • I have started with a zest I wanted an earlier wenting date but because of my fiancee's legal issue's long story we can't get married untill at least the fall of 2012 but I'd rather have a winter wedding so we decided even though its a wednesday to get married on 12/12/12. I work in politics and I know that the end of 2011 and most of 2012 will be busy for me, so I'm starting early but I already really knew what I wanted before we got engaged and he's letting me do all the planning.
  • I'm trying to control myself but it's hard!!! I mostly just look through magazines and rip out pages of things i like and stick them in a binder (I'm a binder freak like that lol). I'm definitely narrowing down reception places, honeymoon spots, etc but I'm trying to wait until a year before the wedding to start really solidifying anything. But if there's a place or thing you REALLY want, I'd say go for it and get it now because you'd hate for it to be booked if you wait, ya know?
  • I want an apocalypse wedding.  Jealous.
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