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Let's Get This Board GOING!!

Hey Ladies!
So what if our wedding ticker icon is AAAALLLLLL the way to the left - we're BRIDES!!
So! Let's get a little wedding talk going!
Fill this out so we can get to know each other a little better:

Name/FI's Name:
Wedding Date:
Wedding Colors:
Reason for picking a December wedding:
Biggest annoyance of such a long engagement:
Best perk of such a long engagement:
Size of wedding party:
Vendors booked so far:
Projects I'm DIY-ing:

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Re: Let's Get This Board GOING!!

  • I'll Start!

    Name/FI's Name: Chelsea/Paul
    Ages: 22/27
    Wedding Date: December 8, 2012
    Wedding Colors: Silver, Gold, Navy Blue
    Reason for picking a December wedding: We started dating in December and I LOVE CHRISTMAS!
    Biggest annoyance of such a long engagement: I don't feel very bride-y!
    Best perk of such a long engagement: Time to save up money and research all options.
    Size of wedding party: 6 BMs, 6 GMs - 1 Jr BM & 1 Jr GM - probably two flower girls!
    Vendors booked so far: Just the reception hall -
    Projects I'm DIY-ing: All paper products and favors!

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  • dbkb2012dbkb2012 member
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    Name/FI's Name: Desirae and Kevin
    Ages: 23, 26 (date of wedding, almost 25 and almost 28)
    Wedding Date: 12-8-2012 (yay! we are date twins!)
    Wedding Colors: National Irish Tartan (Dark Green, Black, Yellow, White)
    Reason for picking a December wedding: Expenses, where we live is crazy expensive for summer, our venue and ceremony would have been triple the cost.
    Biggest annoyance of such a long engagement: We both want children now and just want to be Mr. And Mrs. AND get rid of those who keep saying things could change, an engagement doesn't mean anything. So annoying.
    Best perk of such a long engagement: 2011 prices, less stress
    Size of wedding party: 5 groomsmen, 4 bridesmaids, 1 matron of honor, flowergirl and ring bearer
    Vendors booked so far: Ceremony, Reception, DJ
    Projects I'm DIY-ing: . We do however know that it's a traditional irish wedding, with shamrock plants for centerpieces, bagpipes for ceremony, where we are renting the kilts and the style of dress for the girls. We'll probably DIY the centerpieces and flowers, and our wedding website is password protected for now but prepared. :)

    We are really excited!

    edited to replace our middle names w real names now that we are sharing w family and friends our date. ;)
  • Name/FI's Name: Missy & Travis
    Ages: Right now we're both 21
    Wedding Date: December 29, 2012
    Wedding Colors: dark purple & silver
    Reason for picking a December wedding: We started dating on December 29th, and since we already celebrate that (a cheesy tradition we started in high school), we decided to keep it the same :)
    Biggest annoyance of such a long engagement: it's sooo far away!
    Best perk of such a long engagement: I'm super picky, and it gives me time to do plenty of wedding research!
    Size of wedding party: 4 bm's, 4 gm's, a flower girl, and a junior groomsman.
    Vendors booked so far: none,  but I'm on the venue hunt right now!
    Projects I'm DIY-ing
    I want a winter wonderland theme, so we're painting a bunch of sticks white and sparkly and putting white trees by the doors and at the altar!
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    Name/FI's Name: Brittany/Corey
    Ages: 22/23
    Wedding Date: December 22, 2012
    Wedding Colors: Not sure yet, not anything super wintery 
    Reason for picking a December wedding: Actually, we are already married, we eloped last December, but everyone is super excited that we are now actually going to have a celebration about it - since no one was there before. 
    Biggest annoyance of such a long engagement: Didn't really have one, we were engaged for a pretty short time - and I'm glad that our vow renewal date is longer than a year away.
    Best perk of such a long engagement: plenty of time to enjoy each other, being engaged, and plenty of time to plan. 
    Size of wedding party: not sure yet, probably just a moh and bm, or three for each of us.  
    Vendors booked so far: None, we just set the date yesterday. 
    Projects I'm DIY-ing: Probably a lot of them. 
    The Happy Couple <3 <br/>

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  • Name/FI's Name:      Jenny/Jeremy

    Ages:  23/23

    Wedding Date:     Dec 29, 2012

    Wedding Colors:   dark red (not maroon dark though) and ivory

    Reason for picking a December wedding:     we wanted fall but w/being teachers it's easier to do it over xmas break and we can't do it before xmas because the church doesn't allow weddings during advent

    Biggest annoyance of such a long engagement:    the initial excitement wears off since we're not really doing a lot of planning yet

    Best perk of such a long engagement:   lots of time to save $$$

    Size of wedding party:   6 and 6

    Vendors booked so far:   church

    Projects I'm DIY-ing:  probably invitations and programs. i'm not very crafty so we'll see how that goes!
  • Name/FI's Name: Faith and Max
    Ages: 21/22
    Wedding Date: December 22, 2012!
    Wedding Colors: We don't really have colors.. there's a lot going on at our venue and we are going to just let it speak for itself. That being said, my girls will probably be in coral and I want pink flowers!
    Reason for picking a December wedding: 1. Florida weather is most manageable during December and.. 2. 12/22/12 is our 7 year anniversary! 
    Biggest annoyance of such a long engagement: Just wanting to get married NOW!! 
    Best perk of such a long engagement: I have so much time to think, make plans, change my mind, book the "good" vendors, etc. 
    Size of wedding party: 5 girls, 5 guys.. for now. 
    Vendors booked so far: Venue, Photographer, bought dress!
    Projects I'm DIY-ing: STDs, Invites, Cardbox, Thank You Sign, "Bride" hoodie for getting ready, my centerpieces, possibly favors. See my bio for more!

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  • Name/FI's Name: Jess & Keith (well, we aren't "ring engaged" but we're throwing lots of ideas around and we know when and where we'll be married. i'm just "patiently" waiting for the ring :P)
    Ages: 21 & 22, we'll be 23 & 24 then
    Wedding Date: I'm open to anything in December, the venue is more important to me, so when we book that we'll know our date
    Wedding Colors: I keep throwing a bunch around. I know a lot of white but I'm not sure what else
    Reason for picking a December wedding: I want a winter wedding, plus my guy is in the Navy and we have a small window to throw it together if we want a lot of time for planning because he'll be ending his time in CT after 2012
    Biggest annoyance of such a long engagement: getting married and the whole party is exciting
    Best perk of such a long engagement: lots of time to save, save, save. not only saving money monthly but lots of time to shop around for the best deals
    Size of wedding party: I want 1 & 1 but I think he may have a few more guys in mind and I'm considering his sisters to stand on my side (:
    Vendors booked so far: none, but I have a huge wish list
    Projects I'm DIY-ing: I'm planning on DIY pretty much everything, CPs, invites, STDs, the minimal flowers I may have, escort cards, maybe even cake!
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  • Name/FI's Name: Erin/Garrett
    Ages: 24/24 (We will be 25 and 25 when we get married)
    Wedding Date: We're thinking about December 15th
    Wedding Colors: Right now we are thinking  deep red and platinum
    Reason for picking a December wedding: I love winter! And we are both in graduate school and will have a few weeks off in December between semesters. That way if we save up enough money we will have time for a honeymoon :)
    Biggest annoyance of such a long engagement: I am so excited to marry the man of my dreams!
    Best perk of such a long engagement: Lots of time for planning and saving :)
    Size of wedding party: Probably about 5 and 5
    Vendors booked so far: None
    Projects I'm DIY-ing: Probably the centerpieces and decorations
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  • Name/FI's Name: Malyssa & Kyle
    Ages: 21 (in July)/ 24 (25 in Nov)
    Wedding Date: 12/21/12
    Wedding Colors: White/ Silver/ Royal Blue
    Reason for picking a December wedding: I love the season, Winter Solstice, we wanted a winter wedding :)
    Biggest annoyance of such a long engagement: I can't do things now like I really want to, we've been waiting since April of 2010 to get married. We originally had an April 2011 wedding planned, but a death in the family in April 2010 postponed it (My Grandma died near the day we had set for our wedding the following year)
    Best perk of such a long engagement: I get to lose weight :) More time to plan, more time to save, I can shop this years winter after sales and get really good deals on decor!!!
    Size of wedding party: Um haven't decided yet, might be 2 or 3 bridesmaids, at least 1 gm, possibly a flower girl depending on how good of a walker she is by the end of next year :)
    Vendors booked so far: I've got my dress :D That's it
    Projects I'm DIY-ing: as much as possible!!! Except the invitations
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