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hey girls.... 
i been engaged for 5 years and we are planning on getting married December 15, 2012 in our 7 year anniversary. At first i wasn't sure of the date because even though i really wanted to fall on the date we started going out i was scare because of the weather and xmas. But in south florida it doesnt get that cold so i think it would be fine and well its like one weeks before xmas so that should be a problem.. so yeah the date is December 15, 2012 :)
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  • Welcome and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! that's so exciting!!!!
  • Welcome, girlie! I'm so glad you chose December!! Now we'll have the SoFla board and this board to chat on together!

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  • There's nothing wrong with December!! Especially if you get to have your wedding Florida!

    Congratulations and welcome!
  • Congrats! I love the idea!
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  • Congrats! We are thinking about the 15th also :)
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  • CONGRATULATIONS! It's about time, huh? Five years is a long time to be engaged, lady!! =)

    I wouldn't worry about the weather and Christmas. I live up in Michigan, so I'm sure the florida weather will be MUCH better! My parents were originally worried about us not getting as many gifts from guests because they would be saving for Christmas - but nobody gets married for the gifts!

    I think you should just go with the date that's special for you, and the people that love you will still show up in a blizzard!
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