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Avoiding bride wars

Hi ladies! So my wedding planning is going great and when we found our perfect venue I was thrilled. We decided on the palm beach zoo but hadn't brought our deposit in yet the reserve the date. Well my finances friends gf started texting me and asking about our venue and what not. She said she just found out her friend is getting married on the same day as us. I started giving her lots of advise about venues and booking ASAP because we are competing with holiday partys that are booked each previous year. A few days later the zoo coordinator emailed me because someone else wants to book december 1st and she wanted to give us the first chance to decline. My fiancé spoke to his friend and found out it was the gfs friend trying to take our venue! Long story short we got our deposit in the next day and booked it. I wanted to give you all a heads up so you don't learn this lesson like I did...unless you have something set in stone, don't trust anyone outside of your bridal party!

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