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December 2012 Weddings

100 days left!

There are only 100 days left for some of us!  What is the next thing on your list to finish?  

My next thing to finish are the invitations!  I have everything addressed, but they still need to be printed and put together.  (I made all of the pocket folders, I just need to put in the inserts!)
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Re: 100 days left!

  • 2 weeks and it will be 100 days for us!!! Invitations is next on our list as well and then finalizing all the rental items
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  • Mine is 100 days today and my heart started beating like crazy! SO EXCITED!

    Did you get your invitations from cardsandpockets.com? I just ordered mine the other day.  It's great that it makes them so inexpensive and they still look amazing!
  • 3 weeks until I hit 100 days! 
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  • No, I made all the pocket folders myself-by hand, from scratch.  It was a lot of work.  Then a friend of mine designed the inserts.  We are waiting for the finalized product so we can get them printed.  Then we will need to cut, glue and assemble!  When are you sending your invitations?
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  • I know I'm a day late on this, but "Yay!! 99 days now!!".  I was very excited when I looked at my phone countdown this morning and saw single digits!

    My next to-do is invitations.  I am doing DIY invitations which are mostly done, but need finished up.  I have time, though.  We are sending out out invitations October 15, and our RSVP date is November 16.

    Also, my BM's dresses just came in this week!  Also exciting!  So FI and I are going tomorrow to pick them up for everyone since we are already making the hour long trip to the town where David's Bridal is, since we have to run some other errands, and it will save the girls a drive.  (Ah, the perks of living in the middle of nowhere!)

    Also, would you mind posting pics of your invitations when they are finished?  I am really interested to see what other people did.  I thought it was really fun designing invitations for a winter wedding!!
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  • Wow, Melissa, kudos to you! I can't imagine how much time and energy that took but I'm sure they look beautiful! We ordered everything and got a template on our computer to make/design the inserts so we are doing the printing at home! 
    My final count needs to be in by November 21st, so I plan on sending out invites around October 6th and asking that guests RSVP by November 10th, so I have time to call anyone who I have not heard from.

    Alexa, I also agree it's fun to design things for a winter wedding. Lets all keep our fingers crossed for a mild day as well :)

    12-1-12 will be here before we know it!

  • Aww! Exciting!!

    We are at 116-- time is flying! We have to decide on floral, music, make the programs, get the boys fitted and then send out the invites. That's it!

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  • Congrats ladies 12 more days till we reach 100 days..I remember when I was at 300 days..wow! I am geting decor, accesories hair and guest list organized...
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  • 10 days for our 100! We need to have a count for mid November, so I'm sending invites out i the next 2 weeks. It's also destination so people need to book their rooms. All I have left is favors, finishing up BM gifts, table names (and obviously placing people), wedding night lingerie, Music list, oh and our bands (can't forget that). And then the timely stuff like fittings and what not. I can't wait. Come October I'm out of wedding planning commission because I do recruitment for a magnet school so I literally won't have any time. I want September to be my power month lol
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  • 86 Days to go!!!   So excited!!! 

    Next to go is to pay off our honeymoon/wedding cruise...basically pay off our wedding :-)
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