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Hot Chocolate Bar

So I am planning on having a Hot Chocolate Bar instead of a cocktail hour!  (get it! because it will be cold outside)  I am trying to think of things that could be "toppings" for the hot chocolate.  Any ideas?

Re: Hot Chocolate Bar

  • Lots of whip cream - not sure if it would be possible to have the whip topping dyed or in various colors for the wow factor.  Sweet treat toppings such as sprinkles, peppermint sticks, chocolate/white chocolate sticks.  You probably could get away with a variety of flavored creams such as vanilla, spice etc.  Good Luck.
  • I think you could dye the whip topping, if you buy one that isn't in a can. They would have to scoop out the whip topping but it would work. 
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  • Marshmellows of course!
  • Sauces like chocolate, caramel, and butterscottch. I would totally pour caramel over a cup of hot chocolate with some whipped cream (think like starbucks). 
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  • You could crush up candy canes to sprinkle on top or maybe chocolate sprinkles.
  • Cute idea. Bunch of whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce like they have at starbucks, crushed peppermint and caramel candies, crushed candy bars, chocolate shavings, sprinkles. Maybe have a couple different flavored hot chocolates: peppermint, caramel, white hot chocolate. Maybe add coffee and tea as an option as well.
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  • I am getting married in December 2012 was well and doing a hot chocolate bar. All the ideas that have been mentioned are great.

    You could do soft pepermint sticks, cinammon sticks (or cinammon just to sprinkle on top, actual mint leaves, different flavored marshmellows/ ones that are heart shaped. You could go crazy and have things like nutella and peanut butter too.

    You can also making stirring spoons by dipping them in chocolate and then leaving them plain or adding in crushed candy.

    I don't know how this is going to work yet, but here is another idea we are thinking of. It's obviously wayyyy easier to use Redi Whip opposed to the whipped cream you scoop out. To dress it up some, you could wrap a picture of th two of you, or your monogram around the can.

    Hope everything goes great!
  • We're having a hot chocolate bar with regular and sugar free hot chocolate (we have older imporant guests with blood sugar troubles) whipped cream, peppermint sticks, chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles, marshmellows, cinnamon, and little peices of fudge. We thought about Baily's Irish Cream for the adults but ended up with a venue that doesn't allow acohol so we nixed the idea. Baily's does have those new non-alcoholic coffee creamers that might be worth looking into though, either for a non-alcoholic venue or for the children to be able to enjoy.
  • chocolate sprinkles, chocolate powder, peppermint sticks, crushed peppermint powder in seveal colors. candy sprinkles in your wedding colors.  candy dipped marshmallows

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    [QUOTE]So I am planning on having a Hot Chocolate Bar instead of a cocktail hour!  (get it! because it will be cold outside)  I am trying to think of things that could be "toppings" for the hot chocolate.  Any ideas?
    Posted by rivereyesblue[/QUOTE]
  • I had a hot chocolate bar and even though my Husband thought no one would drink it, it was a BIG hit!  Here is what I used...'

    - Chocolate Chips
    - Mini Marshmellos
    - Crushed Toffee
    - Mini candy canes
    - whipped cream
    - sugar sprinkles
    - cinnamon
    - caramel
  • Can you expand to a coffee and tea bar as well? Mm, I love a cup of hot tea on a winter day.
    Miranda "Tea For Teacher"
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