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Wedding color thoughts...

Okay ladies... I need fellow winter wedding minds to help me with my vision... 

This whole time, I was planning on plum and silver being my wedding colors.. but I randomly thought "hey.. what about black and white". 
I'll share my vision, and I'll get your votes:

I want a winter wonderland. I want sparkly white branches, trees and sticks everywhere. For the ceremony, I want candles everywhere. I want it to look like a fairy tale. I was envisioning dark plum because the sky is usually purple at night when it snows. 

BUT. I think black and white is very regal and elegant. I'm finding way more black and white things I like for decorations. And, my friend has black eiffel tower vases she told me I could have after her wedding... 

What are your thoughts? 

Re: Wedding color thoughts...

  • A friend of the family recently did a black and white wedding. It turned out really nice according to FH's mother who attended. The bride wore white, the groomsmen wore black tux's w white shirts and black bow ties. The bridesmaids wore black dresses with a white sash, and the flower girls (2 of them) wore white dresses with a black sash.

    The rest of their elements were black and white and just very elegantly displayed so as not to feel overpowering. I love your dark plum idea, it could always easily be incorporated into the black and white as a third accent color!
  • I agree!
    There's no rule that says you have to just have two wedding colors! As long as you have the same theme and feel throughout your wedding, you could have as many colors as you wanted!

    But I honestly had the same thought! I originally had navy blue in mind (because that's the color I thought the sky looked like in winter - but I think you're a lot closer with the plum!) But I ended up being drawn to GOLD! My advice would be to just focus more on the feel of your wedding than the actual colors. And IMO, a COMPLETELY black and white wedding might seem boring - but if you added that plum in there (chair sashes, napkins, some flowers or even some lighting), I think it would add a whole new dimension and look great!
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  • I like both your color ideas! But I definitely agree with the other ladies, black and white would be very elegant and if you wanted to keep a little bit of the plum color in some of the accents you could. Overall, sounds gorgeous!
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  • Black and white sounds absolutely beautiful. Your vision would be gorgeous with either color combination though!

    If I were in your shoes, I'd keep it simple and go with the black and white. Sometimes it gets hard to find certain shades of colors and becomes more of a mess than worth it!

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  • I really think I like the two colors.... just as you were suggesting it, I came up with black dresses with bouquets of white roses with the white and purple calla lilies :)

    Thanks for your input!
  • I like the black and white... im sure is goan look beautiful with your vision 
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  • Talk about a 180... my mom and I were discussing the black and white, and decided on black, white, and ice blue! 

    I didn't realize that the December birthstone color was aquamarine.... I think it'll go great with the winter wonderland idea too... ha!

    lets see how many things I change my mind about between now and next year!  :)
  • Sounds gorgeous!!

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