December 2012 Weddings

PLEASE help with our date...<3

Hello :)

I just need some advice at this point and its kind of nice getting it from people who don't know us as a couple so you can be completley honest.

I had my heart set on 12/1/12 and then my FI family expressed their concerns that it is the weekend after Thanksgiving, and that my FI sister is in college and would have to fly in and go back the next weekend again, and she wouldnt really be involved in all the fun stuff going on that week.

Also, his cousin plays college football, and he literally wouldnt be able to come at that time at all. And my cousin lives in LA and would have to come in for Thanksgiving, fly back, and then back home for our wedding the next weekend.

So I wanted to make everyone happy and pick a date when everyone would be home for the Holidays. PLUS- I absolutley 100% love the winter wedding theme and want a Christmas time wedding.

So I picked 12/29/12. I know its in a time frame with other Holidays, but if I dont pick then, I would have to do a Spring 2013 wedding which I DO NOT want :(

Now my FI and his Parents are nicley suggesting that in the future, our anniversary may not be as special bceause we will have to celebrate right after Christmas and before New Years. They just dont want us to regret it in the long run, that we dont have special time away from the Holidays to celebrate our wedding Anniversary.

PLEASE help me with FI will go with 12/29/12 if I dont budge, but I dont want to regret it later and make him regret it either. I guess I just need help making them see how amazing a December wedding will be!

ANY advice would be amazing..thanks so much!!! <3<3<3<3
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