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wedding programs !

I need help finding a website that makes them? an good ideas or maybe diy ? i need help.... please and thank you

Re: wedding programs !

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    Easiest way to make programs is Microsoft Publisher. You can pick the layout, vary the size of the page, do a trifold or bifold...and then print one out at home and go make copies, or print them all out at home. You will have to fold them yourself, but that does not take long.
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  • We did my cousins programs using Microsoft Publisher.  They were just a piece of 8.5x11 white paper folded in half with a blue design & border on the front, then all the info on the inside pages.  They turned out really nice.

    For my wedding, I couldn't do this, because I don't have Publisher on my new computer.  I designed my own template in Word, but it is for a small program (an 8.5x11 sheet of paper cut in half, then folded in half).  That is printed front and back so there are a total of 8 pages of writing if you count front & back.  Then I used pieces of 8.5x11 cardstock cut in half, then folded in half and decorated the front.  These will be the covers.  Then they covers will be attached to the rest of the booklet by holes punched in the crease and tied with a ribbon.  I'm making 250 invitations and I probably could have finished everything in 2 days if I would have chosen a simpler (or easier) design for the covers.

    If you want to see what the program covers look like I posted them in another thread:

    Also, if you don't have Publisher and decide to go the Word route, I have a template for a small booklet like mine, and for a larger booklet like my cousin's that I could send you if you are interested.
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  • We just used vistaprint for our wedding invitations and used a nice groupon they have available, it's 17.00 for 70.00 worth of printing, there is a thread on this groupon on here.   But we are not using paper programs (one for cost and two for environmental purposes) we are posting the timeline of the wedding and wedding party on a large, framed chalkboard which we will have displayed by the fireplace we are getting married in front of.  Good luck and I hope this helps at least a little!
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  • Vistaprint was super easy and cheap. You can also get a Groupon for $17 which gives you $70 worth of money to spend and you get 30% off all products. You will have to pay shipping, but it was so easy and I really liked the quality of mine. 
  • Vistaprint and Microsoft both are very good and works amazing but if I had to select one go for microsoft from them  this is really amazing product. On mysister's wedding we try for both. But we finally go for microsoft because this works really well!!!

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