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Favorite Halloween Movies!

So, my FI had a hockey game really late tonight and I couldn't go because I have an early class tomorrow morning :( I was flipping through the channels and saw FearFest on AMC finally started!

I just finished up the end of Friday the 13th. What's everyone's favorite Halloween movies?! I love ideas for nights in together :)
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Re: Favorite Halloween Movies!

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    LOVE the Phantasm movies.

    Can't believe I forgot Romero movies. I also like the remakes of all but Night of the Living Dead. He's always got a social commentary there, and its interesting to figure out what it is.

    I also  have a VHS of the TV version of the original Halloween, with no boobs, and an added scene of Loomis treating Michael and arguing for him to stay in max security. Rare find. I love my brother.
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    [QUOTE]I am a big baby, so I don't like scary movies. I usually go with <strong>Hocus Pocus</strong>, Casper, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Edward Scissorhands (even though it's not really a Halloween movie). I dd watch Carrie by myself in the dark in high school. Maybe that's why I don't like scary movies, maybe... Edit: Oh, and Rocky Horror!
    Posted by SEWF[/QUOTE]

    That's too funny! This is my favorite too! I always get made fun of for watching it but its a must-do every halloween! 

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    [QUOTE]30 Days of Night Hostel 2 Ghost Ship Rocky Horror Picture Show Amityville Horror (Org) <strong>13 Ghosts</strong>( Remake)  
    Posted by ricksang[/QUOTE]

    Oh, I'm so glad someone mentioned they like this movie (besides me LOL). This is the one scary movie I have to watch every Halloween, and it's not even a 'typical' Halloween-y type movie. The Jackal always scares the bejesus out of me. I saw someone dressed up as The Jackal at Fright Fest at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, and I totally did a 180 and walked the other way. That was the only zombie I avoided all night, and I love me some zombies.

    And I think Tim Curry is hot...but I don't know why...

    Note: he's NOT hot in "It". I hate clowns. But he was hot in Rocky Horror and The Three Musketeers LOL
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    [QUOTE]How about IT?  That movie really scares some people, especially those that don't like clowns lol.
    Posted by vegasgroom[/QUOTE]

    That movie is the entire reason I have clown fear. When I was 8 or 9 my babysitter's friend told me about it. Just mean.
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    Also I LOVE almost all of the family channel Halloween movies!
    Scary movies don't really scare me, unless I try to watch them when I'm home alone. FI and I just watched Nightmare on Elm St. (the remake) this weekend and aside from the occassional jump when Freddy pops up out of nowhere I wasn't scared. I think this disappointed our roommate.

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