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Do you have extras?

Alli's post in the grocery thread made me think about stocking up on items verses letting them run out.
When I was living in DC I stocked up on items all the time and had a bunch extra. After we moved I made an effort to always let what I have run out before I buy new so that I don't have 5 shampoo bottles or 10 different types of body sprays.

What do you stock up on? What do you let run out?

Re: Do you have extras?

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    We stock up on cooking oil, flour, sugar, pasta, rice, shampoo and conditioner, and tampons. Everything else we buy fresh, or freeze it.
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    I stock up on things like moisturizer, shampoo, face wash, body wash and contact solution. I would hate to run out and be stranded without any of those things. I just put the new ones behind what I already have. Usually, when I have to go buy one of those things, I'll take a survey and buy a few more of all of them. 

    Things I let run out are things that won't keep indefinitely or that we use sporadically, like some types of liquor, olive oil, most pantry items. The only pantry items I buy a lot because I know I always need them are nuts, black beans and chickpeas. Also, I only buy vitamins and supplements when needed. 
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    We stock up on body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and toothpaste.For food, I stock on pasta, pasta sauce, canned tomatoes, canned beans and nuts.If it is something  that we use often and it is on sale and I have a coupon, I will buy it. We also seem to always have a lot of cereal on hand.

    I  don't stock up on too much frozen stuff because our freezers are full. I am trying to use that stuff up so I can start freezing meat and poultry.
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    Foundation.  I use Loreal, and I buy it everytime there's a coupon in the paper.
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    We shop at costco for some stuff and so we tend to have plenty of toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning liquids kinda stuff. We don't stock up on much food because some how (I don't know how it is possible) our kitchen doesn't seem to have much room for stuff. We don't have a pantry so we don't really keep a lot of extra stuff. Of course, this could depend on what you mean by stocked...we have TONS of food compared to some of my friends but for instance I only have one 2kg bag of flour. That seems like plenty to me.
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    I stock up on everything that is considered a cooking staple.  Flour, sugar, cream soups, pasta, rice, cheeses, tomato sauce, and meats (courtesy of the farm).  I also stock up on extras like chocolate chips, pudding mixes, jello, soda, and juices if they are an excellent price.  Thank goodness we have a pantry.

    Everything else i buy only if i actually see a need for it.
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    I'm jealous of everyone that gets to stock up on these things!

    I used to stock up on things like shampoo/conditioner, contact solution, etc. Also, pasta, cereal, and canned veggies for the kitchen. Now our bathroom and kitchen are so small we can barely fit the stuff we use daily, let alone any extras :(
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    I'll stock up on stuff when it goes on sale really cheap (I think we have 14 rolls of paper towels still, and tons of toilet paper.)  We also stock up on baking stuff and butter (it went on sale for 50 cents last year at Thanksgiving, and I just used the last one. haha)

    We don't stock pile meat (I hate freezing it) or snack foods (we'd eat it all too quickly.)
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    I would love to stock up, but we just don't have the room.  I will once we get a house.
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    I'll usually only stock up on some canned goods as far as food is concerned.

    But sometimes if I run into CVS and I see cosmetics/shampoo that's on sale buy one get one half off I'll stock up on that stuff too.
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    I like having extras, so ever since we've moved to Texas where we actually have room for extras and got a Costco membership we've had tons.  I may have developed a small Costco obsession. 

    At Costco, we'll buy shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and brushes, DH's vitamins, olive oil, paper towels, granola bars, etc in bulk.  Buying stuff there that I know I'm going to use a lot of is just so much cheaper and easier than remembering everytime I run to the store that we're almost out of toothpaste. 
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    I don't generally stock pile, but when I open something, I put it on the grocery list.  That way, I don't run out.  I'll just have to teach Dave how to do that before we get married.
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    Well, we live in a studio apartment, so we buy our lentils and rice in bulk but that's about it!
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