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New Hampshire

Common Man Greenhouse


My fiance and I are just starting the wedding planning process, and love the look of the Common Man Greenhouse in Plymouth NH. Same owners as the Common Man Inn & Spa, and located behind the Italian Farmhouse restaurant.

Unfortunately, I have a very limited time to choose a venue, so I'm looking for any reviews or thoughts on the place since I can't find much on the place. Did anyone have their wedding here? Or look at it while in the process?? Are they easy to work with? How's the food?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!

Re: Common Man Greenhouse

  • Hi!

    I didn't get married at the Greenhouse BUT I did just get married at the Common Man Inn, and I can not say enough wonderful things about them.

    The staff was just amazing...we actually didn't have power the ENTIRE day leading up to the wedding, but they were so great in accomodating everyone.  We had candles in the bathrooms, flashlights, even glowsticks for the kiddos.  Luckily power came back on about 2, and dinner wasn't until 6:30 so there was plenty of time to get everything ready - and the food, was SOOO GOOD.  We had a chicken, pork, and beef selections and it was just so yummy.  We go there quite frequently to the restaurant and they always live up to our expectations.

    So easy to work with, they kept me so calm through the entire thing.  And they had every last detail perfect!  We even had a kids table that they put butcher paper on so they could color : )

    I highly recommend any Common Man Family sight for a wedding/reception! : )

    Hope this helps!
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