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Speaking of delivery...

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Re: Speaking of delivery...

  • Well. Guess I won't be having that strawberry milkshake I wanted tonight.In our birthing class, the video we watched had the placenta being presented to the parents in a basin. Afterwards, every hand shot up in the room to ask if that would be happening in our births.
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  • And I thought it was horrifying when my midwife asked if I wanted to reach down and feel the head crowning. We're writing the birthplan tonight. "Don't show us the placenta and for god's sake don't save it for us" will be on there.

    "The meek shall inherit the earth" isn't about children. It's about deer. We're all going to get messed the fuckup by a bunch of cloned super-deer.- samfish2bcrab

    Sometimes I wonder if scientists have never seen a sci-fi movie before. "Oh yes, let's create a super species of deer. NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG." I wonder if State Farm offers a Zombie Deer Attack policy. -CaliopeSpidrman
  • I like the suggestion to put her least favorite food in there. Because I'm pretty sure placenta is my least favorite food.

    Husbands should be like Kleenex: Soft, strong, and disposable.
  • Moo FTW! Zing.
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  • I honestly thought placenta consumption was just a joke at Tom Cruise's expense.  Do people actually do this?
  • Yes. People do this. NOT anyone I know.
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  • I'm indescribably disturbed.
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