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I'm confused, are you visiting inlaws in FTW Right now? Please say yes, I'll be in practicallyfoffingtexas today. I would love to meet you sometime. PS I would drive to dfw for winger or EAB any other day too.

Re: Wing-Ed

  • Sorry Wendy! I didn't see this until now. I was at an all day concert yesterday in Dallas. I am in fort worth right now at my MIL's to celebrate my H birthday and we head home in a few hours. I go back to OK sometimes too. We should work out a GTG!
  • We should. My inlaws live Galway between okc and Dallas (I'm there now) So I even have a built in babysittr along the way.
  • Halfway, stupid autcorect
  • haha, it tried to autocorrect comething of mine to Breyer. I think it was better and i spelled it beeter and it changed that to Breyer? Maybe it just knows I want ice cream.   Sounds like a plan man.
  • Winged, we had some very confused people show up to the House of Blues last night asking when Slayer was gonna go on stage.  I directed them to where they should be, but found the whole thing very odd and hilarious since ours was a sold out show, and they had to have a ticket to get in where we were.  And that ticket clearly did not say Slayer on it. 
  • shamwow, now i am confused. Slayer had a show at HOB too?
  • No, Slayer was at a different venue entirely (where you were), which is why I was cracking up. I still can't figure out what was going on with them.  They wouldn't have been admitted into the stage area at HOB without a ticket, which clearly said Blue October on it.  So how they managed to be so lost is beyond me
  • haha, ok, that is funny!Do you work at HOB?
  • No, I was just there for a concert.  I'd never been to that venue, but I loved it
  • aha, just saw the psot above. I love HOB. I have not been to the dallas one though.
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