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I have something I need to ask.

It's really been on my mind. Hem Hem: I am thinking about doing a co-sleeper bed attachment when we have a LO - but I am curious how you that bed share or co-sleep have sex with your husband when the baby is right there.  We'll be TTC again soon after we get the "all-clear" to do so from the doctor. 1. I fear that we'd disturb/upset the baby too much. 2.  I fear that we'd somehow injure the baby if we shook the bed too much. 3.  I fear that we wouldn't have as much intimate time if the baby was always right there in the same room. 4. When the baby is older and more aware of its surroundings and possibly mobile and starting to talk - how do you have sex with the baby still in the room? I'm putting th ecart in front of the horse on this one...but I guess it can't hurt to ask now.  

Re: I have something I need to ask.

  • Is this that emme chick?
  • If this isn't a c&p I will set my hair on fire.


  • The bed shaking injury is really the biggest concern I have folks.
  • The whole thing concerns me.
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  • Well Lanie, you have certainly been putting a lot of thought into this. I don't have any answers to your questions but I wish you a lot of luck in your future babymaking endeavors!

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  • Fallin, different chick.  This one is not yet pregnant with #1 and is already planning to get KU with #2 ASAP. I love #4.  The answer is, you don't have sex with the baby in the room.
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  • Is this from Heidi Montag?
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  • I vaguely remember the awful Dr. Sears book saying something about the bedroom now being a family bed, and that you should have sex in other places in the house now, and not the family bed. So there you go Lanie. Just screw in the closet or on the kitchen table or whatever.


  • Oh, and the answer is simple. Just wear your baby! Never ever leave it alone!
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  • Yeah I read that too NP. "The Marital bed is now, the family bed." Yeah no F that Dr. Sears, the Marital bed is still rocking and the baby is in her cage.
  • i hear the nursery is empty, she can go hump in there!
  • Even if you decide to co-attachyourbabylikeanappendagetoyour body, I can't figure out how people who can't reason through how to make sex happen around a baby can possible figure out how to raise a kid.  I mean, this is the easy stuff. And may I suggest a blindfold and headphones with white noise?
  • Oh God. I seriously had the biggest panic attack.
  • COMMON winged. # 2??? NUMBER 2?????? No really. This disturbed me. I don't get it. We've started getting suites at hotels so we can TALK after she goes to bed nevermind anything else.
  • Winged thinks J and Lanie are animals in bed.
  • hahaha.  If your master bed becomes the family bed, perhaps instead of a nursery, you should make a sexery.  You know, a bed to do it in, maybe a swing, a wall of chains and cuffs, whatever.  since there is no need for a nursery and all, that is what I'd do.
  • Noisy got me too with her copies.Also, what is a cosleeper bed attachment? I am picturing one of those perch things that you can attach to a window for your cat.
  • All the funny sort of disturbs me that she appears to have intended to have sex right there next to her baby. Am I just a fuddy duddy?
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  • yeah, the company that makes them probably refurbishes old drive-in restaurant trays.
  • The co-sleeper is basically like a bassinet that's bed level, it is open on one side so the baby can be right next to you and have easy access without being in your bed.
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  • Yeah it just sticks to the bed and has an open side but the baby sleeps in its own spot. I would have enjoyed this after my section. Which was ghastly. I couldn't move in any direction without searing pain. And yes fitty, she was absolutely planning on it. And more terrifyingly, there are many people who are ok with it. ::shivers::
  • How old are we talking?  I'd totally have sex with an infant in the room (like hotel or something b/c I'm opposed to co-sleeping).  
  • I couldn't imagine fallin. Couldn't imagine. Even as an infant. Those eyes. Yeah no. Never.
  • Yeah my own comfort level would be "never do that ever" but it doesn't take too long til you have a nice little alert observant bunde of joy. So I would think anyone who did this over...3-4 months? would be doing something pretty inappropriate.
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  • I cannot even have sex with my cat in the room. We did once and swear to god we made eye contact at one point. It haunts me.
  • I have a friend who managed to get pregnant 5 or 6 times while having a family bed. I really truly do not want to know.

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  • we also usually put our cats out of the room.  and it is just a cat.  it's distracting to have a little critter running around while you are trying to do it; I'd imagine it'd be worse with a gurgling, moving little baby.
  • Oh god. No way could I have relations with a baby in the room.
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  • Maybe someone could open an etsy store that makes baby blindfolds. They could be animal themed or have a big flower or bow that would match a tutu. Those crazies would snatch them right up.
  • Lurker contribution: There are always threads on this topic on the message boards. I read one a few months back where (several) women actually admitted to and suggested NURSING YOUR INFANT DURING INTERCOURSE while in the family bed if the baby got fussy. I shiit you not. I can't find that exact thread, but this one is pretty disturbing: Some gems: "Right now DS is really too young to realize anything...or really remember for that matter. We've been intimate several times with him in bed with us. Actually, one of the last times he started smiling and laughing because we were smiling and laughing and having a good time too." "Indian families all slept in the same teepee - and enjoyed intimacy - until their children got married and moved out!" "I've had sex with each kid (baby/toddler age) in the bed. I've also nursed while doing it in a desperate attempt to get a babe back to sleep so we could finish." Lanie face.
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