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Did anyone else watch the Emmys last night? I love Neil Patrick Harris. Also, his partner is hot.
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Re: Emmys

  • Yes!I love NPH too.  he hosted the writer's guild awards last winter and was awesome.There were some weird dresses as usual.  I didn't like the one Gossip Girl's dress with big puffy knots on her shoulders.
  • I didn't like either of the Gossip Girl's gowns.
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  • I didn't mind Blake Lively's dress but I hated her hair. I only watched the first few minutes of the awards but I love NPH. I'm pissed I didn't DVR it so I could watch more. 
  • I loved John Hodgman's commentary as people walked up to the stage. And NPH. And Dr. Horrible.


  • He's the bomb.  Is tonight a new HIMYM?
  • I watched. Loved that Kristin Chenowith won for PD and how overwhelmed she was. Also way excited the Bryan Cranston won for Breaking Bad. He is so amazing in it, plus he always gives a shout out to the local people here who work on the show.
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  • Is tonight a new HIMYM? YES!
  • I watched.  I loved how he introduced the presenters with bit parts that they had.  He really did a great job hosting.  I hated the girl from Medium's dress.  WTF was up with the one shoulder football player/futuristic look. 
  • Kristen Chenowith was adorable. I loved the way NPH handled losing to John Cryer. Heidi Klum looks like she is going to burst at the seams! Please tell me she is due soon. I also wish I looked January Jones....
  • Mondays are TV overload. House, HIMYM, Dancing with Stars, and Heroes. Plus tonight the Colts play MNF.  The TiVo can't keep up. We've decided to ditch Heroes. Last season was fairly stupid. We can always catch it in reruns.
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