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The hot air balloon family did a live interview on the Today show this morning and Falcon vomited.

Re: Ewww

  • That's so nasty!  And now they're saying that they have video the parents were with the balloon when it took off, and that on Larry King last night the boy made a comment that he thought they "did this for the show".  So now they're investigating the family to see if it was all a hoax to get attention.  WHICH P*SSES ME OFF cuz I was genuinely worried for that boy yesterday.
  • I saw the snibit where the boy said "you guys told me not to come out. we did it for a show". Then his mom nervously said "noooo" afterwords his dad babbles like an incoherant idiot for a few miniutes.
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  • Snibit is emensley funny.
    I bet her FUPA's name is Shane, like the gunslinger/drifter of literature.--HappyTummy
  • A snibet is a tiny marsupial that lives in Australia, like a miniature wallaby. It lives in trees and shoots poisonous venom from its tongue at its prey on the ground, like a little itty bitty sniper.


  • Snibit! Oh please can we add it to the vernacular? Pretty please?
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