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Maybe we've done this before, but I can't remember. Do you get the newspaper? We get the Cincinnati Enquirer delivered daily. I can't stand to not have a paper to read every morning, even if I don't read every article. I even got it in college, my roommates thought I was silly but it's just a habit I can't quit.  Reading it on the internet isn't the same.We got the Times on Sundays for a long while, but that went out when we did some household budget cuts.
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Re: Newspaper pole

  • The daily paper her sucks a rat turd, so I don't get it. I do occasionally read it online for the shear stupidity of it. We have a free weekly paper that I read pretty religiously.
  • I don't. I used to get it but I almost never read it and I couldn't stand all that paper piling up. It drove me nuts.
  • We get the Sunday editions of our local paper and of the Boston Globe. We used to get the Wall Street Journal but cancelled it for reasons Christin mentioned.
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  • I don't.  I prefer to get all my news from you guys and Jon Stewart.
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  • I read the WSJ and the NYT online.  We don't have anything delivered.
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  • We used to get the Sunday paper, but never found the time to read it.  Jimmy pitched a fit when i cancelled until I pointed out the pile of unread papers we collected and the fact that there's a 7-11 a block away if he really wants to read a paper.
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  • I typically buy our local paper on Sunday and read the Boston Herald online.
  • I'm an online reader b/c I too hate the paper pile up.  I also hate newsprint on my hands.  Also, I hate the awkward shape of the newspaper. It's hard to hold.  
  • I used to get the newspaper but we never read it and it piled up. So I canceled it. And they kept sending it. Then I moved, and they found me. And I canceled it again. Twice.Poor newspaper company. They just can't quit me. Now, they give me some supplement thing every Wednesday. I tried to cancel that, and they told me I couldn't. I am tempted to wait for it and throw it back at the delivery man. Or maybe I can get them cited for littering.
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  • my H usually buys the local Sunday paper, other than that I read them on line.
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  • I just get the local Sunday paper.  I can't live without the ads & coupons.  All the news articles in the local paper are on their website anyway, so I don't see a point in getting the daily paper. 
  • I'm an online reader b/c I too hate the paper pile up. I also hate newsprint on my hands. Also, I hate the awkward shape of the newspaper. It's hard to hold.Word, Ebert. Word.

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  • Fallin's answer, exactly.My husband gets the WSJ, though, and I hate the Saturday edition or when he works from home, because it ends up spread all over the house in parts.
  • We get it on the weekends. My commitment to reading it has dropped off dramatically, but like Vicki, I love getting the ads and coupons. My subscription is like $11/month, and the coupons savings is usually way over that, so even if I get nothing else out of it, I figure it's still worth getting.
  • I'm an online reader too.  NY Times, WSJ, and a trade journal for my industry.  Not newspaper related, but I have a subscription to the New Yorker that I've tried to cancel 3 times.  I still keep getting it and it's beginning to really piss me off.
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    We get The Record here everyday but it's because we like to see where our advertisment is placed. I clip the coupons & read Parade in the saturday paper. Otherwise, it's garbage.
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