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Karma defined

Last night a coworker emailed me to let me know that teh sales rep my boss hired which caused my job to be terminated resigned with no notice.Less than 24 hours later, my boss called offering my job back.

Re: Karma defined

  • DON'T DO IT.
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  • What are you going to do?
  • HA!  What a diick!  I hope you get that other job so you can tell him to shove it.
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  • what are you going to do?
  • PRAY I get offered one of the two jobs I'm interviewing for so I can tell him where to stick it.VIBEZZ needed for tomorrow at 2 please.
  • All my vibez are yours.
  • He started off my saying"I know I'm not your favorite person right now..."It took all I had not to scream at him.  He made the last five weeks of my mat leave hell for what?  Not to mention the majority of my pregnancy.  And who's to say he doesn't do it again in two months.
  • Vibez that you get good news tomorrow at 2, and then can go poop on his doormat. In the interim, I say make him beg.  Toy with him a bit, it's the least he deserves.
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  • What a flaming douchebag.  I wish you could have told him to shove it right then and there.  I hope you do once you get a new job, and I also hope you sic the Department of Labor on him.
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  • Maybe you could be super positive and accept the position.  Ask for a little more time before you return.  Hopefully you will then be securely employed at a new place.  You can call him on your return date and tell him to suck it.Vibezzzzz to you for your interviews.
  • SO I will be sending you vibezz tomorrow at 2, and Moo gets the vibezz on Thursday, at 11 right?   I kind of like Vinny's idea.  That way you can leave him hangin, because he was not htinking of you, but now that he is in a pickle you are his prized employee again. 
  • What a jerk. Sincerely hoping you get another position and then can go off on him.
  • as fun as Vinny's idea would be, he will need to be a reference for the job after the one you take next

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  • holy fuzz.  I love it!  I will be vibing as hard as possible you get a better offer with some better pay/benefits so that you can tell him where to stick it AND be better off.this guy sounds like a major twattoucan.
  • So what did you tell him?  That you'd think about it?
  • GAH this makes me livid. LIVID. Who has that much nerve?! I will be vibing like a crazy person for you, I want so badly for you to politely tell him what a scummy bastid he is, and that you will not be returning to his suckass job.
  • as fun as Vinny's idea would be, he will need to be a reference for the job after the one you take next Psshh.  Stupid logic and planning for the future always kills the fun.
  • I am pretty stingey with my vibezzz so they are all saved up and I am donating them to your cause. What a total douchefinch. Good luck on the job, anxious to hear some good news!!!
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  • OMG. How is this guy even REAL? Seriously. I hope you have something soon and can give him the sweetest, politest "Bless your heart" you can.Tasty, twattoucan may be my favorite vaginabird yet.

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  • how about boxpecker?
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  • Chachickadee?
    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • What an assshole!  He totally deserves Vinny's suggestion, but I think Mod is probably right.  He's obviously going to get what he deserves.  I'll put an outlook reminder in for vibes tomorrow afternoon.
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  • he ended by saying he'd give me time to think about it and I said "uh-huh" with clenched teeth.  Then I went "okay thanks bye" and he stuttered "I'll wait to hear from you!"
  • This news made me snort laugh. Good luck on getting the new job!
  • I hope you can screw this guy like the assbucket he is.
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