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I have a funny story

so H's assistant's (we'll call him K) uncle needed clean pee for a drug test.  K and the rest of K's family apparently couldn't provide their pee as it was unclean.  K calls up to one of the other employees and deals to pay him $10 for a bottle of his pee.  This ee, P, agreed to pee for the $10.So K drives up to place of employment (and OF COURSE H is not there at the time to put a stop to these schenanigans as he runs a pretty tight ship) to have P pee in a bottle.  P takes an empty gaterade bottle and goes into the bathroom, comes out with a pretty full bottle!K puts this bottle in his backseat and heads back home.  One of K's headlights is out.  K gets stopped by the police who see a weird bottle of yellowish liquid in a gatorade bottle and ask K about it.  K can't come up with an explanation so they search his car.K gets arrested for having pot on him and his car gets impounded.  The best part of this story is . . . P then later confides to H that he "couldn't pee with so much pressure" and only managed to squeeze a coupla drops in there.  He then . . . filled up the rest of the bottle with water.  K apparently had no clue something was up with the full bottle of kind of cold and barely yellow "pee".HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  Omg, the stupidity of potheads sometimes.  It's hilarious.  But what's not hilarious is that now K is going to have issues getting to work and legal problems.  H wouldn't care but K's been working for him for a loooong time and does a REALLY excellent job at his "specialty" in the business (even better than H and he owns the place) and seriously, he's better than anyone in the 15-store similar business I work for.  So we're hoping he gets everything worked out and can still work.

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