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My AFSB dream

It was HT's wedding day. She came in to the room with her beautiful dress on, and I gushed at how lovely she was....but then I noticed her hair was in a ratty french braid. "Oh no no" i said. "Well, I suppose you did what you could." I had her sit down in front of me and I tried to untangle her hair and smooth it in to that beautiful style she ACTUALLY wore on her wedding day, but it wasn't going very well because I don't actually know how to do hair. There was more but now I forget.HT, did I dream about doing your hair before? Something about tinkertoys? Or was that with Moo and the desk chair I had to pull behind my bike?I'm sorry my dream self seems to think you're hairstyle-impaired. :(
The hair grows in thick where the horn used to be.

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