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So, I seriously scrolled through two pages several times looking for my post to Mulva from the other day.  I then found the discussion of it later.  This will teach me to post and leave for a day and a half.Just for the record, I did NOT DD.It got deleted?  Now I will ask my original question from that post.  Did Mulva get banned NOW?I'm sure this is sooo two days ago, but those 12-24 girls are really pissing me off.  They keep b*tching about "us" trolling their boards for stuff to make fun of.  1. public message board, blah blah blah.B.  Can they not see that several of us have kids in our sigs?  As much as I don't want to admit this, I actually do lurk there for answers to real questions.  I'm not trolling to make fun of stupid names (that is merely an added bonus).

Re: Just catching up

  • They were saying Mulva was banned over there, along with Momma.Brown, but I don't know how they knew that. I'm 99% sure Mulva wasn't over there with some AE saying "OMG it's Mulva! I've been banned!"I started lurking there this week. There's a lot of history between some of the posters that I don't know anything about and it's kind of no fun to read their fighting if I don't know why they're fighting.


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