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anyone here to cheer me up?

bah humbug.  My mom just called to inform me that our 9-year-old golden retriever has cancer.  He's mostly my brother's dog, so he's going to be completely devastated when he hears. Zeus is quite possibly the coolest dog in the world.  I was shocked with how okay I was when I got off the phone with her, I felt sad of course, but 30 or so minutes went by and I felt strangely okay.  Then J called and once I said it out loud I totally lost it.  So now I'm a big soggy mess on the couch and Caesar is giving me the stink eye for disturbing his slumber.Most of you are probably out having glorious Halloween festivities, but if anyone is still around please bring me something cheerful.  And a shrubbery and a herring.

Re: anyone here to cheer me up?

  • I'm sorry Shamwow. Would a miniature cowboy cheer you up? How about hearing how Connor's Triceratops costume didn't fit him, so we're making him be a garden gnome instead?
  • ha! yes, Wendy, just the thought of that made me giggle a bit.  Do you have photographic evidence of this? ;)
  • We haven't put the gnome costume on him yet, but we will get that evidence tomorrow for sure. Here is what the gnome looks like though [url][/url] Here is the cowboy [IMG][/IMG]
  • mother foffer, i deleted that out TWICE [url][/url]
  • eeee!  it was worth the three tries, that is awesome
  • I just came back from the restroom and this is the sight I saw when I turned the corner[img][/img]
  • I'm sorry, Shan. That's a bummer.
    image Ready to rumble.
  • I wish I was as comfy as your kitty.
  • I'm sorry Shamwow. I'm going to completely lose it when one of my cats gets sick.


  • I think all pets should be immortal.  Animals have some serious intuitive skillz too, Simba and Dr. Caesar have been extra calm and cuddly this evening.  I'm loving it
  • I'm sorry, Shamwow.  Poor puppy dog. :(  Although my vet's dog has dealt with cancer, and he's still around and kicking years later (albeit with only 3 legs since they had to amputate one). 
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  • Here's Maggie to cheer you, entirely unimpressed with pumpkin innards. Please disregard my appearance. [img][/img]
    image Ready to rumble.
  • GD it.  Pictures and I are not getting along these days. [url][/url]
    image Ready to rumble.
  • well what sucks is that they did some aspirations (sp?) and whatnot on Monday and some other assessments Wednesday and found some concerning stuff in his chest cavity.  When they tested those they initially said they were just fatty deposits and nothing to be worried about.  Then today they called back after having the cells tested by an oncologist at the vet school, and that's who diagnosed it as cancer.  They said it seems to be slow growing, but they have no way of knowing how much time he has and there are treatments they could give him to delay the process, but they won't cure it and my mom doesn't want to make his quality of life even worse by putting him through a ton of basically useless treatments.Eff you, cancer. Eff you right in the A
  • Thanks, Kristen!  Looks like she and Will have something in common
  • Sorry about your pupphe, but I want to motor boat your cats tummy.
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  • I'm so sorry Shamwow. We had a golden growing up and he was such an amazing dog. I was devestated when we lost him. I hope it is slow growing enough that you guys still have some time with him.

    The nerve!
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  • Sorry to hear about the doggie. Poor pup, I've always been sensitive but since getting our own dog, stories like that make me want to cry along with you. I'm not sure Moxie appreciated my extra cuddles tonight after reading this.
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  • I'm sorry, Shamwow.
  • Oh Shamwow, I'm so sorry.  Dealing with a pet's mortality is really hard.  I think of how emotionally dependent I am on Mabel and I can't even begin to fathom a world without her.  I hope that Zeus' cancer stays at bay for a long time and he gets a lot more quality time with your family.
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  • Sorry about the pup, sham. Don't have much to cheer you up, I'm in a funk right now, too. Need to just go to bed.
  • Thanks, everybody!I'm watching back to back episodes of "A Haunting", which seemed like a really good idea at first, but now I'm wondering WTF I was thinking.  J won't be home for a couple of hours still. There are apparently cats on the prowl outside and Simba is not happy about them sharing his back porch.  I've realized if I just keep him occupied with some non-stop affection he forgets about the cats completely and therefore doesn't bark/howl unexpectedly and make me pee on myself.  He's thoroughly enjoying all the extra attention he's getting tonight (first because I was sad and thus got all cuddly and smothery, and now to keep him from scaring the bejeebus out of me).  He's kind of a whore that way
  • My H is working tonight and I hang my head in shame because when he's not around on a Friday I find myself watching Ghost Whisperer and Medium. But I'm really ashamed tonight because even though I like watching scary stuff, I couldn't watch Medium because it was Night of the Living Dead themed and I'll have to watch it during the day when he's at home.While Moxie doesn't scare me to almost peeing myself I do have a funny pee pet story. She spent a long weekend at the Petsmart Pet Hotel while we went to Myrtle Beach for a wedding. Apparently she was very excited to see us on Monday because she peed in the lobby when we picked her up and then wagged her tail in the puddle, spraying pee all over me.
    I'm pretty sure it's pronounced your mom's a moron and if you didn't have your name legally changed by the age of 22, so are you. Unless you're from another continent. -Groomz
  • Oh Shamwow. I'm sorry. That's so sad. Poor Zues. Would you get any comfort out of knowing that I crimped my hair tonight and put the top half in a side ponytail? It's kinda huge. Hope that gives you a warm fuzzy.
  • Sorry, Shamwow.  Good dog vibezz to Zeus.
  • I'll be a next day poster just to let you know Shamwow that Kevin's dog had cancer and had doggie chemo. That was 5 years ago, and he is still alive with all appendages. And he got some freckles in the deal.
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  • Thanks again, everyone.And thanks, Ang.  They're supposed to meet with the vet oncologist again next week and go over the information and the options.  She seems to think that he'll be okay for a year or two because the tumor is so slow growing and he's not showing any distressing symptoms at the moment.  So that's good, and I'm feeling a lot better.  I just had some initial shock and needed time for everything to soak in a bit.  I talked to my brother yesterday and he seems to be doing as well as can be expected, poor guy.  But I talked to him before this most recent news, so hopefully that cheered him up a bit.
  • Sorry about your puppy. I lost my cat last year and it is so rough to lose a pet. They just love and love and only want to be petted. It is very endearing.
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