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My fiance are getting married next November, we will have a number of out of town guests and I am thinking about what to put in the welcome bags that is regional, but I can't think of anything that is really unique about DFW. Any suggestions would be great!


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    You don't want anything that they can't take with them if they don't eat it.
    We put pralines from El Fenix, 2 apples, 2 oranges, and bottled water.
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    I did personalized bottled water, nuts, Kleenex, pretzels, Dallas Cowboys wet wipes, and I also did pralines in a box with the Texas flag. I also did a little Welcome card with the wedding itinerary. PIB
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    Again bottled water and food are always good. I know some girls have also included things like:
    • Texas Cookie Cutter
    • Texas bottle opener -- because you know
    • Dr. Pepper 
    • Shiner Bock
    • Pralines 
    • Bag of spiced pecans or something similar
    • Texas guide -- can find at the visitor center
    • Information & any directions or shuttle information for rehearsal dinner or wedding
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    Ditto to what Carrie said about nothing they can't take with them.

    We did:
    Glass bottles of Dr. Pepper
    Bottle of water
    Granola Bar
    Dallas Visitor's Guide
    Weekend iterniary
    Thigns to Do Nearby
    Dallas postcards (tied to the outside with welcome notes)

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    I am in the process of delivering mine right now! I included personalized water, chex mix, granola bars, cowtown cookies (find them at central market), gum, personalized mint tin, hand sanitizer and a heart shaped bath fizzle. I also did a restaurant & tourist booklet I made. I wanted to include either BBQ sauce or hot sauce, but even the small bottles would have blown my budget.
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    We went to Trader Joes and loaded up on chips and salsa and chocolate.
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