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Does anyone have a steam mop? I think I'd like one. Can they be used on hardwoods? Not newish hardwoods but old ones.
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Re: Steam mop

  • I have one, I can't remember the name of it.....the shark one...I am not really a fan. I have the one that they say you don't need to use cleaners. I just don't think it's really cleaning with our using something on it.
  • I have the Shark steam mop.  The handle is very flimsy.  My daughter snapped it in half while mopping.  We ended up 'fixing' it.  I love how it works, but it needs to be stronger.  You can use it on hardwoods that are sealed.  I have hardwood and I haven't had any problems.  It dries almost immediately.I probably will buy another when this one breaks for good.  There is a shark euro pro, or that I would look into- it might be made better than this one.
  • Correction- I have the euro pro.  The other one is called Professional.
  • I have the Shark Ultra Steam Blaster.  I LOVE it.  It does my hardwoods and also has attachments for other things.  DUDE my oven is soooo clean and I also had a tile counter top and it got it in all the crevices.  Thank goodness my new place has nice counter tops.  Also around the toilet it does wonders.  The lime stains on the bathroom hardware are now gone.  Can you tell I really love this thing...Oh and you can also steam your clothes with it.
  • We have the Shark and love it.  After we put in the travertine tile floors, it was impossible to find anything else that works.  It's easy to use and does a good job.  One thing I have found is it works better it you put a little water on the floor also.
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  • I've got a Shark and it's GREAT. With a kid and a dog, letting the floors air dry was such a pain. So the steam mop was a huge plus... I still deep down clean every once in awhile. As far as hardwoods go, I was told that they can be used on finished hardwoods without issue as long as water isn't sitting on them like traditional mop and bucket would leave. Oh and I love the no chemical residue factor with the steam mop.
  • I recently purchased one. It was between the Shark and the HAAN, they both seemed the same, but the HAAN was a bit more expensive. I bought the HAAN when it was on sale, and I'm really happy with it. I also have fairly old hardwood floors and it's been great so far. The only negative is when I get into a groove, the stream runs out and I have to refill.
  • Evillelady, is it a real pain to lug that thing around though?  I've been thinking about getting a steam mop because we have mostly hardwoods, so the stick mop would be perfect, although I like the idea of all the attachments yours has but it just seems so...big.
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