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Barbbhoww - can you tell me how you liked Aruba? Did you visit the island at all or did you stay at your resort? I *think* this will be our choice for our HM in March (Renaissance Resort) but as usual I am having a hard time making a commitment! 

We loved Aruba!  The whole experience was a great one.  The island is very Americanized but it has a lot of history and culture.  We took an ATV adventure that was really cool but then stayed at our hotel.  DePalm is the tour company that basically owns the island so book airport transfers through them!!  We also did a sunset cruise and dinner through them-highly suggested!

The Renaissance is right downtown which is really cool but not on the beach..(right?)  They DO have their own little island though that they take you to everyday which is awesome!  We stayed at the Tamerjin AI which was just a LITTLE bit more then the Ren.  All the rooms faced the ocean and they were like little condos. 

Aruba was VERY windy but very romantic with the most beautiful sunsets .. ever.  And the commercials are true, Aruba is a veryyy happy island.  Everybody is so happy!

Let me know if you want to see pictures, you can find me on FB or PM me.  (I'm friends with Cew..Barb D.
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    Cool!  Yeah, I know the Ren only has beach access on their island, we figure that if we still get awesome snorkelling we don't really care. 

    Did you take the ATV adventure through De Palm? I looked them up and they seem okay but I found another all day ATV tour through ABC Tours that looks better and they are rated higher on Travel Advisor. 

    The island is really windy? Is it noticeable when lying on the beach?

    More than anything we want an island we can actually I figure a whole tay tour to see the big stuff and then we can do a half day in the capital on our own. The rest of the time we will just stay at our resort.  As long as DH can snorkel he is happy, that an a massage. I want to be able to read and jump in the water to cool off. 
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    Yes, the ATV through De Palm.  They both take you around the island since it is so small, but still very fun!  Most tours take you to the "natural bridge" where there is a perfect spot for snorkeling!  We wanted to do it but everything costs so much damn money!

    And when your on the beach, it isn't like crazy actually feels SO nice because of the hot Aruba sun.  It is normally really noticeable when you have done your hair to go to a nice dinner and it gets all messed up!

    We really enjoyed it and would go back if there was a deal on Aruba packages.  But honestly, you'll have a great time no matter what just getting away on your honeymoon!
    It's time. Adoption saving and process started in November 2012.
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