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Dinner and a question.

What is for dinner?
Is there a knottie that you don't like?
Any knottie that you give the side eye too?
Is there something you want to say to a knottie but haven't because you are afraid of causing drama or hurting feelings? If so, say it now!

I wish I was having some kind of roasted pepper and sausage pasta for dinner but im not. Boo. And this might be a post and run.

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Re: Dinner and a question.

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Dinner and a question.</a>:
    [QUOTE]I side-eye most of you for refusing to even 'fess up to side-eyeing someone or just going with the safe and easy answer (MissCourtney, anyone?).  There is no way in hell you're going to convince me that you love each and every single person who posts here regularly.  Nope. 
    Posted by J&K10910[/QUOTE]

    This is what I was thinking!
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    Ditto J&K. I side eye all of the loviness (is that even a word?) on the board. I just wonder if it's honest. I think you guys are great, but there are definitely ones that I like less than others. And some of the reasons that I like them less are rather silly, but that's okay. We don't have to love each other. I think we are getting respecting each other and always licking each other's asses confused. :)

    So here are mine. And I'm telling you the reasons are lame. I don't really adore Mrs.Jesse. She just seems way to serious to me. I don't dislike her. I just like her less than say, zippity who makes me piss myself with laughter. 

    I'm also not a fan of book writers (and I don't mean Sesh:)). I mean people who think I want to read 7 paragraphs about their day or their dog. I just don't. I promise. It seems arrogant to me that they think what they have to say is so earth shattering that it can only be conveyed by a novel.

    I also side eye taking the easy way out by side eyeing MC. I think we've all established that we think she's making bad choices by knotting at work. It's just a safe answer.
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    Thanks my dear!
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