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Surprise wedding

So I log into Facebook this morning to find that a very good friend of mine got married this weekend - I feel kind of slighted, because we had received an invitation to the couple's "engagement party" in MSP and it was for this past weekend; we didn't go because we had the wedding in Fargo to go to.

Turns out my friend and her fiance "surprised" everyone at the engagement party and had their wedding just right there.  It was a small and intimate affair.  I kind of like the idea of it, but honestly if I would have known they were getting MARRIED we totally would have skipped the Fargo wedding to go to this one.  I was so excited for her when she got engaged.  This is her second marriage; her first husband was a real douche and cheated on her and she swore up and down she'd never do marriage again and then she met this really awesome guy.

I dunno... how would you guys feel?  She's one of my oldest friends.
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