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Online Vendor Reviews to help save you time and moo-lah :)

Hey ladies- I just wanted to let you all know a good experience I had with some online vendors in hopes that it will ease your wedding planning :)

1) AFloral.com-  I wanted to save money on my centerpieces and reception decor, I decided to check out silk (artifical) floral ideas. My friend who ordered over 300 calla lillies from this vendor a couple years back recommended them so decided to start off light and I ordered 20 stems to start, just to see the quality.

Well let me tell you, they are beautiful!  PLUS they were here in less than 48 hours!! (I ordered them late Tues night and they were here when I got home from work today!) I couldn't believe the delivery was so fast and the quality is just what I had hoped. Ladies, you've got to at least check them out, especially if you are considering silk flowers for your wedding-  they've got tons of great stuff (even some BEAUTIFUL premade bouquets).

2) Orientaltrading.com- Next weekend is my best friend's wedding out of state. I am the MOH and volunteered last minute to help with her reception decor woes. She is expecting over 160 guests, so when I stumbled across this site I was in heaven! I thought I wouldn't be able to go to the wedding after having to fork out an arm and a leg for reception decor- however worry not! They are VERY affordable and have just about anything you could want for basic decor! I ordered tablewear, balloons, flatwear, etc. for this big wedding and spent less than $150. OH- and I ordered this stuff the same time I ordered from AFloral- and it was here today as well- LESS THAN 48 HOURS FOR SHIPPING!!!! And as far as I can see, the quality is wonderful

Sorry for the enthusiasm and detailed post- I'm really excited to share. Its very rare that I am impressed with online vendors and these 2 I just had to share!

Hope everyone's planning is going well!

Re: Online Vendor Reviews to help save you time and moo-lah :)

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