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Has anyone ever moved with them?  I'm moving in a few months and I just want to know how they do best.  Anybody know?
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Re: Rats...

  • I'm going to assume you are moving pet rats?

    A good friend of mine had pet rats for years and when she moved she left them at her parents house in a "travel cage" - about half the size of their normal cage. She got their normal cage set up like it was previously and then brought them (in an animal-safe travel carrier) to her new home and put them in thier new cage. After a day or two to get used to the new look/smells, etc of her new home she took them out of the cage and "showed them around." Everything was a-ok with the rats.

  • I know it sounds gross, but so they don't get freaked out by a completely new environment with a super clean cage where everything is different...leave a little of the old bedding when you set up their cage/aquarium and maybe have a few of their toys (unwashed) in there with them so they have something familiar.
  • Okay...Do you know if they do well with long travel?
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  • I wouldn't know about long travel. Mine just moved across town, and when I worked at a pet shop, all of those rats usually came in freaked the hell out cuz they were transported roughly. But if they're pets, then just petting them and having their little treats and all that stuff on hand and giving them some cool down time once you get to the new place should be okay...
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    [QUOTE]Okay...Do you know if they do well with long travel?
    Posted by ArmyofUs[/QUOTE]

    What is long travel?

    My friend used to bring them to her parents house for the weekend on the Greyhound when she was in University. It was usually a 3 hour trip. She put some food and a blanket in the carrier and they were fine.
  • ArmyofUsArmyofUs member
    edited April 2011
    Okay.  I'm thinking I'll put one of them in the small plastic terrarium we have and my FI is going ahead and taking one with him in the med. sized glass one.  The live in a sectioned off six foot long terrarium usually.  It's split in half because they're both males and don't get along to well.

    We're moving from San Diego to Waseca MN.
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  • Oooo, thank you.  I will PM her.
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  • I'm here I'm here! :)

    I would highly recommend getting a little wire travel cage. They sell them at Psmart/Pco for about $20. That way they get lots of ventilation on the trip. Keep the car temp constant and try to get them out of direct sunlight, and maybe toss a light cotton cloth (old shirt, etc.) on top to calm them down a little bit. Pack some treats and set up a water bottle if it's going to be more than an hour. You don't have to set it up in the cage since you won't have room, but when you stop for breaks you can give them sips of water if they need it.

    I agree with keeping some of their old bedding as well. It will calm them down a bit. Once you move cover their cage with a light cloth so they can adjust to a new set up without too much stimulation.

    If you are stopping on the way you might want to double check that the hotel will allow rats.
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