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What would you save?


Re: What would you save?

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    the dogs, purse, meds, lock box (between the purse and lockbox I should have a lot of the important things)

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    My FI actually did set his apartment on fire when he was in grad school. No one was home when it started (but yes, it was his fault) so there wasn't time to grab things. The whole thing wasn't lost - just FI's room had the most damage and there was smoke and water damage in the rest of the apartment. To this day he'll buy a CD or something and I'll say, "I'm surprised you didn't own that already" and he'll tell me he lost it in a fire.

    He also had a poster he and his best friends from college bought in Toronto of this crappy band they went to see play. They were going to pass it back and forth every 5 years at reunions, but that was destroyed too.
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    Really, probably just our wallets, phones, and computers. 
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    My cats. If I had them safe and had time, I'd also grab my H's baby photo album (it's the only baby photos of him that his family has- his mother gave it to us recently), our wedding album and our laptops (aka all of our digital pictures). 
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    We are weirdos and actually have a fire plan set in place in our house.  We have a third story house and I'm home alone most nights so in case of a fire we have a rope window ladder that reaches the ground.  We have a military issue canvas duffel bag (so strong) that I can load all three dogs into and fit across my body or back so I can get my three angels out by my self.

    Otherwise out most important heirlooms, jewelry, back up drives, etc. is in a large fireproof safe.  I'd probably start throwing shoes out the window.....oh and some paintings.
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