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XP: NWR: Doggie Allergic reaction

A week ago my dog had a severe reaction to something that caused her to get hives and welts all over and swelling the size of a baseball on her chin.  I took her to the emergency vet and they gave her a Benadryl shot and a steroid.  The symptoms seemed to have started going away, but then yesterday I noticed she was getting hives and redness again, even though she has been taking Benadryl orally all week. 

I’m taking her to my vet as soon as they open, but I wanted to check with you ladies to see if anyone had experienced anything like this before?  The first time it happened we had been staying at my parents’ house for 2 days and this time she was at mine so there does not seem to be a common factor between the two incidents.  She eats holistic food and we haven’t switched her diet, she has never exhibited any allergies to grass or anything before, and we didn’t use any new shampoos on her.  I am at a loss for what could be causing it but it’s starting to freak me out.  She had her rabies vaccine a few weeks ago which I thought might be related but from the limited research I’ve done it looks like vaccine reactions usually happen within the first 48 hours.  Any info or advice is appreciated!!
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