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Welp, it's officialy. H isn't coming home for 2 more months. Blech.
He only intended on being out there a week, so I'm going to have to send him some clothes and business cards, and lots of other stuff, I'm not even sure.
I'm super sad, but I'm working so much right now that I may not even notice....

Re: Thursday

  • Aw, I'm sorry Swag, that stinks! Use a flat rate box, maybe it'll be cheaper.

    Swag, do you have a married bio? I've only ever seen your sig.

    Last night was uneventful, went to class, went home, ate dinner than bed. I did take the stairs though, so I wasn't completely unactive.

    I took the stairs again today(7 flights) and I'm going to go rollerblading after dinner. Which I think I forgot to lay out lol.

    How is everyone else?
  • No, no married bio. We planned everything in 7 months, so I never really got around to it :)
    If you click on 'It was a fairytale' it's my photographer's facebook album, but that's all I got.
  • Morning, ladies! Sorry, Swag- that's a hard way to get the news that he'll be gone for so much longer. At least you'll be staying busy? Sucky either way. 

    I survived subbing 8th grade french yesterday- we watched a movie. 

    I'm off to go vacuum, clean bathrooms and figure out what to do about a hotel block. The same weekend as our wedding is a college family weekend, so the nice hotel in our area is 100% booked. We'll only need 5-6 rooms, but I'm so p!ssed I didn't think of this before we set a date. The woman there says eveything in our area will be booked. Worst case scenario they'll have to drive 15-20 mins vs. 2 mins, but I guess I'd rather be dramatic about it. 

  • Morning,

      I've had a rough morning. lol there is lovely freezing rain, I lost a button on my jacket. I dropped my food three times coming in here.
    but good news! I made it in here!

    Awe, Swag I'm so sorry.
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  • Swag, that really sucks.  I'm sorry.  :(

    I'm annoyed today with co-workers who come to work sick.  If I get sick, I am going to be pissed...
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  • Sorry swag! Hopefully the time will fly.

    Here's my excitement for this morning...

    Thought I'd post a little added activity this morning...

    So, it's midterm week, and we're in the middle of a cold spell (I might have mentioned that before). It's beautiful today, sunny and -39. My grade 8s are writing math, and the senior high students are writing several different exams. Grade 9 is class as usual. Here's the problem:

    When the temps drop like this, it affects the school's sensors and triggers alarms. This morning, ten minutes into the exams, THE FIRE ALARM WENT OFF. Entire school has to be evacuated to the parking lot while the fire department shows up. I'm one of the ones who has to stay in the school, so I was running (literally running) from room to room in my wing, checking for people, closing main doors and checking bathroom stalls etc. We let everyone back into the gym, since the fire department confirmed the sensor, but were told that it could very likely happen again.

    I've been expecting it since I walked into the office and heard the admins talking about where the stash of emergency blankets are, and who has to get them and bring them to the kids.

    Awesome start to the day. Could almost be a Monday.
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  • LLS- not to sound like a negative nancy, but if you're pregnant and there is sickness you will catch it, from what i've seen! Tell them to go home and then lysol everywhere!!!!!

    Apple- any news on FI? sorry about your crappy morning.
  • There is a high possibility that he will come home tonight. but since the weather is getting bad again, It might be tomorrow.

    lol I feel like I have been saying those exactl words for the last four weeks. dang cold!

    Yea I would tell them to go home!

    Jenny, I'm sorry that sounds awful..
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  • Swag. That sucks that your H will be gone so long. Jenny. How miserable for you and the kids Apple. Hope your FI will be home soon. Tomorrow my sister is coming here on her day off to take her BM dress to the bridal store for alterations. Then we will be able to go out to lunch. Then FI birthday is tomorrow so we are going out to dinner. I have bought him a new wallet but I need to get him something else. Ideas?
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    Sounds like everyone is having some pretty crummy mornings.  :(  Hope your days improve, ladies!

    My night was pretty uneventful. My FI had his wisdom teeth taken out last Friday, and learned yesterday that he has dry sockets (really painful issue when blood clots don't form), so he is just miserable. Looks like I will be playing nurse for a little longer than I thought.
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  • Jenny, that sounds like my form of tourture. I hope it doesn't happen again!

    Hi Pickle! Hope FI gets better soon. If he's like mine, he's going to milk it for all it's worth. 

  • The kids were pretty miserable. Being part of the team that stays inside of the building does have some benefits, even if it does mean some frantic minutes of checking each stall in the bathroom etc.

    Pickle, hope FI gets better soon. Dental pain is the worst!

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  • Wow, sounds like its been a long week for everyone. I am counting the hours until Friday at 5pm. I watched a couple of hours of my video lectures last night, still have 4 more videos to go and readings before I write my test. Thank god the guy in the videos is kinda funny, or I'd probably lose my mind. Going out for lunch and to a wedding show on Sunday with my stepmom, I'm really looking forward to that!


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  • Swag, sorry about your H.

    Apple, hope your FI makes it home safe!

    My only program for today got cancelled, so I'm just lumping around the office all day. I have some grad school work I need to do. But that's about it. Nothing exciting for me. 
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  • Morning! I feel bad complaining about the cold when Jenny is in -39 degrees and has to worry about the fire alarms. But, it's still quite a bit cold for this area. I'm bundled up in nice warm sweater and have been thoroughly enjoying the insulated shoes I got for Christmas. Warm feet = warm Buzz. 

    Swag, sorry to hear that. I don't know how it works, but is there any way you could take a long weekend trip to go visit your H? Is he in cool location? I know tax season is starting up so that you'll be quite busy soon. Hopefully that at least will help.

    Nothing too exciting on my front. We got delivery last night for dinner. I had a buffalo chicken sandwich. It was quite delicious and unhealthy. Next week, H and I need to jump back into our diets. 

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  • He'll be filming in Los Angeles, and he has family and friends there. It's not really condusive to me going out to see him, but they are taking a 4 week before going back out, and that will be May-Juneish so I will probably go visit. And I'm going to make him come back for the weekend in May when I'm in a wedding here in Dallas.
    We'll make it work... we did the long distance thing for a year and a half, and that was WAY worse than what we're dealing with now.
  • Oh Jenny, that sounds awful.  I hope it warms up soon!  Have you found a heated helmet yet?

    And Swag, President's day is coming up, could you go visit your H then?  I'm sorry about the two months though.  That sucks.  

    I have a stupid dilemma.  I have a close friend, been friends for 10 years, went to high school and college together and all that jazz, who's getting married this summer.  He (and his FI) have talked to me about the wedding a couple times, his mom talks about it every time we see each other (I live in the same city as his mom, he and his FI live 3 hours away so we don't see each other as often), but I haven't gotten a STD.  I know they've been sent out, as a few friends recieved them a week ago, but I don't know if I'm invited to the wedding.  I assumed I was, but now that I haven't gotten one I realize that maybe I'm not invited.  Should I ask?

    When I realized others had gotten STDs and I hadn't I was incredibly upset, like started crying and being a huge baby about the whole thing.  But, I don't want to make things awkward for them if I'm not invited.  But I also want to know if it was just a mailing mis-hap or something.

    Ugh.  I have no idea what to do.
  • No heated helmet yet, but I'm going to look tonight.

    I'd wait and see if an invite follows. It is weird that they'd talk to you about the wedding and not invote you (rude, actually), so maybe it was a mail mishap, and you'll get a call in the coming days asking if you'd gotten one. I wouldn't ask, but that's me. I don't know how close you are.

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  • Frown for MIA Hs and FIs and dental work!

    dtb - maybe it got thrown out with junk mail?  The few that we've gotten have been postcards and if I hadn't specifically been looking for them, I might have tossed them.
  • Hi all - I'm finally feeling back to normal. Thank goodness! If I had to sit around on the couch for one more day, I would have lost it.

    I found out my daughter's biological father is no longer working, thus, her insurance is no longer valid. Thank goodness I found out prior to taking to her any appointments. I'm getting her added back onto mine at work and it is such a headache. I called his former employer though and luckily they were very helpful with getting me a letter stating that there was no longer coverage effective 1/1.

    I had to order Panera for work and it definitely sounds better than my chicken and broccoli...ugh. We've been eating so bad at home since I've been sick. I will be back in the gym tonight that's for sure.
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:17Discussion:1c4450ff-2791-4e22-818b-8caeca253d6aPost:51edca3f-0acc-40ad-b2c9-de87a4f8acf7">Re: Thursday</a>:
    [QUOTE]Morning,   I've had a rough morning. lol there is lovely freezing rain, I lost a button on my jacket. I dropped my food three times coming in here. but good news! I made it in here! Awe, Swag I'm so sorry.
    Posted by applejambutter[/QUOTE]

    Also in Utah! (You are one of the few people i've seen from utah.)  This rain and smog is terrible, I hope your travels are safe.

    That is horrible Swag, I hope the time zips by for you.
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