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Hi I was also born and raised in NOLA. I am in MS now and I don't remember any restaurants.
We are driving down to NO for the day to go to the Zoo and Aquarium. What would you recommend kowing this info? I'd like to keep the prices cheap! TY!

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    You could go to Camilla Grill on the bend of St. Charles and Carrolton. It is an old-time of my favorite places to go (but not typical New Orleans food).

    Crabby Jacks is at 428 Jefferson Hwy---owned by the same people as Jacques Imos. Have GREAT lunch items. It is not too far from the Zoo.

    Mothers downtown has some of the best po-boys I have ever eaten. Not bad proces too (you could probably share a large).

    This is a start...hope this helps. Have fun!!!
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