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Speaking of what you hate about your job...

Is there anything you love about it?

I'm having a bad moment right now at work.  I'm a journalist and our department director (who's an idiot) brought in this group from the network and they're doing interviews with local people.  Guess who is chosen (not asked) to be "producer at large" of these stories?  This girl.  It didn't sound so bad - the interview segments are about 45 minutes long, I have to cut them down to about two-three minutes, and I was told I would get a sheet that stars what times the subjects say something really good.  In theory the segments sound fun, but I'm just annoyed that I've been given this to do when our director hired four other interns this summer, and they do relatively nothing.

I've been swamped with news stories this week so obviously, that stuff comes first - my boss is hounding me all the time about whether or not I've had a chance to listen to the first batch of stories?  Uh, no... until now, and I'm so thrilled because 1; they are taking forever (going on ten minutes now) to upload to my computer, and 2; the sheet with the labels is barely legible.  Nice.

Another one of my trademark rants perhaps but I would love to remember why I was so excited to get a job in this industry when I graduated college.

What do you love about your job? 

Re: Speaking of what you hate about your job...

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    Just about everything. My job is honestly everything ive ever wanted in a job, thought I could do to get paid a bit more, im happy. Im respected, I have all of the responsibilities I want and enjoy, I am in charge of the entire office so what I say pretty much goes unless the owner veto's me. The people are great, its laid back, I get awesome discounts, I live 5 minutes from where I work so I can go home for lunch everyday, my boss is incredibly lenient with taking time off. I just love it.
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    That sounds sucky, sorry AATB.

    I love that I have no dress code at work and a gym to use free of charge on my break.
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    I like that I can deduct all of my glitter purchases on my tax returns.
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    The main reasons I love my job
    -It's usually interesting
    -6 weeks vacation
    -Flex time (no schedule) as long as I get in at least 40 hrs it doesn't matter how/when I work them
    -Get to work from home at least 1-2 days a week

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    The job I am at right now- The books smell great.

    Other job- I like watching the progress my little guy makes. We are taking some big steps education-wise in the next few weeks and I am so proud of him. He also says the funniest stuff. He has echolalia, but uses it so appropriately in converation sometimes that I have to try really hard not to laugh. I love the way he thinks.
    For example, on one of our assessments the question was, "What can fly?" and his answer was "Peter Pan." Not the answer they wanted, but pretty awesome if you ask me.
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    Pay is good - I'm making more than I did teaching.

    I work with a good group of people.

    Free use of a gym, not just for myself, but my husband as well.

    An opportunity to get recommendations/hear about people I see/will see.

    We can flex time occasionally, like if we're late or come in early etc.
    Do not mess in the affairs of dinosaurs because you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
    I love you Missy. Even though you are not smart enough to take online quizzes to find out really important information. ~cew
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    I like my coworkers and staff. I like having a biology lab across the hall because I get to hear the lectures, labs, and the student gossip. It is all very interesting. Our campus is gorgeous. 

    I could get paid a lot more somewhere else, but I wouldn't like the people or the pressure. The President really values our VP and our division's work. When a student complains (and one always will) he defers to us for resolution and then backs us 100%. That is rare, and I really appreciate it. 

    I also love that since it is a University, they don't usually block websites. FB and TK are always available! 
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    Aw... I like work love :)

    I do actually enjoy my job for the most part.  Even though the pay is less than stellar, my hours are excellent and my news director is really laid back - I can do basically whatever I want, so that's nice.

    I just get irritated so easily with our department head that it kinda sours my entire experience sometimes.
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    I love my job.  Love it.

    * good pay & benefits (medical, dental, vision, decent 401K match, pension, gym membership & parking subsidy, cash fitness incentives)
    * somewhat flexible schedule
    * great people, many of whom are friends and not just coworkers
    * casual dress code & large office facing the mountains
    * interesting work
    * DH works a block away

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    -I love that I'm downtown, and can walk pretty much anywhere...when its not so hot out.

    -I love that my boss recognizes the huge amount of crap I have to deal with, and pays me accordingly.

    -I love that my boss is pretty flexible about time off, etc.

    -I love that I am the only woman in the office. Makes life a LOT easier. No stupid drama.
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