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Wedding Themes I think most will regret..


Re: Wedding Themes I think most will regret..

  • I had a "theme"  I guess.  DH and I love the night sky, moon and stars, so we incorporated that into our decorations.  The candle holders on the tables had small stars on them, we used navy blue and silver as our colors, and our cake had stars on it, but that was about it.  Oh and instead of a typical guest book we had painted wooden stars bought at hobby lobby and had people sign them.  We are going to frame them, and hang them up.  That's as far as I could take it. 

    Any more than that, like the ones posted here, and I wonder how seriously the couple is taking the marriage part of the wedding if the ceremony is just a big show?  I know, I'm being extremely judgey(?) on my part. 
  • Shake a can of pennies at it...

  • OK, I'm sorry...There's a lot of things I'll do for friends but the first time someone says "In order to be in my wedding you have to put on this Hello Kitty Costume" I'm out.  Done.  Someone else can have the honor.

    And I swear to god, if someone brings sperm or vag cupcakes to any baby shower I might have in the future, they're getting an HD, up close video of the birth labeled "Fun times in Hawaii!".
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    <div>the movie theatre one isn't "crazy" imo.</div>
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    I'm not going to lie... I think those pictures are really cute and I don't think it is TOO overdone! and I generally do not like themed weddings!
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  • I wish I had pictures, but one of my friends (who has an absurd sense of humor about herself which manifests in odd ways) had a "Shotgun Wedding" theme because she was preggo at the time.

    Grossest manifestation fo this: homemade cupcakes for the desert, using BABY FOOD as the wet ingredient. Pea cupcakes are no good :(
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