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Hearst magazines is running some shady shiit.

About a year ago a friend got me a subscription to Cosmo as a gift.  I didn't really want it, but whatever, it was a gift, and I appreciated the thought.  Well, about 9 months into my subscription year, they sent me a notice telling me "ZOMG CONGRATS YOU'RE IN OUR AUTORENEW PROGRAM, PAY YOUR BILL FOR THE NEXT YEAR."  Um, no thanks?  So I go to their site, trying to find a number to call and cancel it, and can't find one.  I do find a place to opt out of the auto renew service online though, so I do that.

A month after that I get another "we're still waiting for you to pay us for next year!" bill.  I thought maybe it was just that the info hadn't gone through the computer in time to keep them from sending it, so I checked online to make sure, but sure enough, I was somehow still enrolled in auto renew.  I again looked for a number, couldn't find one, so I emailed.  They emailed back that I should cancel online.  So I did, thinking maybe I did something wrong the last time I tried.  This time, I took a screen shot of the confirmation, and printed it out. 

So, my year would have ended two months ago (I thought it was just last month, but I discovered it was two months ago when I logged on again).  I once again, got a new bill, along with a threat to take me to collections if I didn't pay for the magazine that I didn't want.  I went online, and it still had me enrolled in auto renew and said my subscription was up 10 months from now.  I canceled the auto renew, canceled the current subscription, took screen shots, printed, sent an email to CS with the screen shots attached, and sent a letter via certified mail with the print outs.

I just got an email back saying there was no record of me ever trying to cancel the auto renew or my subscription.  So I don't know what kind of operation they're running, but I will no longer be doing business with any of their magazines, and I recommend the same to you.

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