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Where can I find this dress?!

Hi Dallas Knotties! I'm new to The Knot, and this is my first post! Soooo... I have fallen in love with a Winnie Couture gown, and I'm heartbroken to find out the only store in TX is in Houston! I'm not sure I can justify driving 6 hours just to try on a dress. Did any of yall buy a Winnie Couture gown? Any ideas or suggestions for somehow finding this dress in Dallas? Or something identical?

Winnie Couture - Sonnorra

Re: Where can I find this dress?!

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    angelsong21angelsong21 member
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    Welcome!  Per their official website, they do not have any authorized retailers in the DFW area.  Abilene or Houston look like the best options.
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    juliebug1997juliebug1997 member
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    If they are in Abilene, then that would definitely be closer.  Can I say, though, that if you have fallen in love with this dress, what does it hurt to go to Houston?  I mean, I don't care for going there either but it's your dress. 
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    You might take that picture to a bridal store and ask them if they have anything similar.  That way you can try on the silhouette and possibly the fabric type without having to drive to another city.  Then, if you do decide you like the fabric and silhouette and you are still in love with that dress, you can drive to wherever to try it on.

    If nothing else, try something on that compares to it.  If not, you will forever compare any dress you try on to that dress - and without knowing if you even actually like it.

    Make sense?
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    bbybluz77bbybluz77 member
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    Where in DFW do you live? It shouldn't take you 6 hours to get to Houston. It's usually a 3.5 hour drive for me. 
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