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Can I just say...

that while I love the 4th of July, I will be so glad when it's over. I swear every single one of our neighbors have bought eleventy billion dollars worth of fireworks, and now the dog is so scared she won't go outside to take a piss.

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    Hahaha yep. It's going on here too!
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    My dog HATES fireworks, not because it scares him but because their loud and he doesnt like noises that he has not approved in advance. He barks, CONSTANTLY. lastnight was hell.
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    We live around a bunch of old people, so we're lucky in that regard. The only time we usually hear fireworks is on the 4th, at night. But we were at a friend's last night and the kids next door set them off all night long, loud ones. So annoying.
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    I could swear my city has a no fireworks ordinance, but clearly it doesn't matter. I just don't want a bottle rocket to set our house on fire. Happened a few streets down 2 years ago.
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    Poor dogs! We live in a pretty quiet neighborhood. But people around here get crazy for the 4th. It's kinda like redneck Christmas.

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    Hmm.  In NY, I'd always hear them around this time, because I'd be annoyed that people weren't waiting until the 4th.  And they're illegal in NY.

    But here in AR, where they're legal, it's silent.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:17Discussion:31e06bba-a50d-4b55-9d3e-2c7a3b7e6e5aPost:122b70ea-c769-4df1-bdb0-18cbd16b3204">Can I just say...</a>:
    [QUOTE]that while I love the 4th of July, I will be so glad when it's over. I swear every single one of our neighbors have bought eleventy billion dollars worth of fireworks, and now the dog is so scared she won't go outside to take a piss.
    Posted by maratea[/QUOTE]

    Ugh no kidding.  My dog just peed in the bed.  Lovely.
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    We haven't had any set off so far. Tele was fine with it last year, but now we have a high-strung pup that we are caring for this month, too. She may turn into an absolute basket case. However, she hasn't been reacting during our afternoon thunderstorms, even when the cell is right over the house, so maybe...
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    None here...yet...last year, my genius FI and FBILs decided that drinking beer and lighting bottle rockets and hand tossing them would be brilliant...this year they have shine and I have a bad feeling about this...
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    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually glad that we're leaving tomorrow for rural IL for the weekend because the dog keeps going nuts every few minutes.  You'd think they'd habituate to it, but no...
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    When I was married before, we lived about 2 blocks from the downtown area of our hicktown and the location of the fireworks staging area. Let's just say, when I sat out in the backyard to watch them, ash would sometimes fall on my face and in my lap.
    We had 2 dogs, Maggie and Annie. Maggie could hear at this time, and she was terrified of them - wouldn't go outside. Annie hid under the bed. Neither one of them would go out after 8, because of course the redneck neighbors would set crap off.
    Maggie was also afraid of thunderstorms. First clap of thunder, and from whereever she was, she'd come running to get on the couch/in the chair beside me.
    Once she went deaf, the only time storms bothered her was when she felt the thunder or saw the lightning.
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    i was sitting on our screened in patio this afternoon with my cats and someone lit a firecracker. the cats both ran inside faster than i have ever seen them move. it was the funniest thing ever!
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    Fireworks are illegal in Illinois.  It can only be done by "professionals"
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    edited July 2010
    There are fireworks bans in most cities around Houston, but everyone just drives out to the sticks and buys them and shoots them off anyway.  It's annoying when you live in a suburban neighborhood with houses very close together.  I'm scared someone will set our roof on fire.  And with two babies trying to sleep, the noise is obnoxious. 
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    We had that problem at our old apartment, and I HATED it.  The cat wouldn't come out of the closet for a week, I think.  But I haven't heard ANY here. 

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