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WR: Colored Shoes

I've fallen in love with the idea of wearing colored shoes under my dress.  I would like some nice blue ballet flats (my fiance is only an inch taller than me and I can't walk in heels to save my life). 

Are these okay...?  Not enough?  Bad color?  It's "midnight" from Dessy.  My dress is a floor length, A-line, lace and beaded adventure (some idea in my siggy below).  The dress happens to have a champagne ribbon at the empire waste, but I don't want champagne shoes at all.


PS: and that is not my invitation or anything - I just googled and saved the first picture I found.

Re: WR: Colored Shoes

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    I really like them!  I've been looking for navy flats too, so I'lll have to look at those.  You could also pin or sew on a brooch if you wanted to dress them up more.
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    Colored shoes are great! And, those look really comfy!...not to mention, they definitely look like you could re-wear them. 
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    I really like them.  I've been looking for colored shoes to wear, too, and Zappos and Shoebuy (I think) both have features where you can narrow down your search to a specific color, and that's been helpful to me.
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    I love the idea of colored shoes for the wedding. I say go for it.  : )

    I'm pretty sure I will have purple ones on with my dress.
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    LOVE the idea of colored shoes.  These were mine:  (excuse the photo, DH wanted it!)  (and the dirt, i guess!)

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    Barb... that picture is hilarious.

    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!
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    I love colored shoes.  My colors are black, white and yellow so I will be wearing yellow shoes. 
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    I like them! I wore purple shoes with my gown. I think there's a pic in my bio.
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    My shoes are deep blue. My paternal grandmother was the only one dress-shopping with us (I kind of had a huge entourage because all the women in my family wanted to go) who didn't like the idea. She really loved the white shoes and said I shouldn't dye them. Oh well, can't please everyone.
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    I opted for silver shoes and rationalized they could be worn later with cocktail dresses.  I had to find some rationalization because I paid more for those shoes than I paid most of my life for rent (Really), but they are absolutely gorgeous and, of course, probably no one will even see them under my gown. 
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    I think those shoes are cute, but I second the recommendation for insoles.

    I love the Dr. Scholl's Tri-Comfort Inserts (they're light blue foam). They actually provide arch support and make flat shoes way more comfy.
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    I can't buy ballet flats without trying them on first. They were so comfortable when they first got popular a few years ago, but more recently I've had a terrible finding any that didn't squeeze the bejesus out of my feet. I generally like the idea of colorful shoes, though. :)
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