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DJ help

So my FILS have decided to help FI with some of the wedding cost.  They are offering to pay for meat and someone to help smoke it all.  There are two strings attached to this.  One we have no booze, which we are fine with, because we are having everything out in the country.  The other is to have FI 16 yr old nephew be the DJ.  FI thinks this is ok, I however, feel he is not in the same peer group as us, so how will he get us "old people" to dance.  I also don't want his first wedding to be ours, no matter how well he does at his sisters dances.  We can afford to feed all our guest and hire a DJ, but how do we tell FILS we don't want their help.  I don't want to cause hurt feelings, but i for sure don't want a 16 yr old DJ.  We haven't ask for any help, they offered this out of the blue.
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