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Customer service?

Anyone here work in customer service?  I've been doing it for a long time and I'm at the end of my rope right now. I work on a 7 person team of inbound calls and 3 of my coworkers are the absolute flakiest people.  They call in sick all the time and pass calls calls off to someone else on our team because the call is too "difficult".  Because we are short so many people our hold times have been a little longer today (but not too bad). I answered a call where the guy was on hold for about 10 minutes before I answered.  I helped him with his problem and offered a solution that is more or less guaranteed to work (which is a solution he could not do while using his cell phone) and he freaked out at me that he was on hold for a half an hour and he doesn't want to have to be on hold again if this doesn't resolve the issue.  I apologized for him being on hold and told him we were short staffed.  I also told him that I'm sorry that it felt like a half hour but he was actually on hold for 10 minutes, but that next time the hold time shouldn't be as long.  He called me a f'ing b!itch and told me "thanks for nothing" and hung up.
I hate people sometimes.  Is it September yet? (aka when I start teaching)
Anyone else have any fun CS stories?
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