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Wedding Night Theft Resolution

So, as some of you know a bunch of items were taken from our hotel room on the wedding night. Assorted cosmetics (mine and the bridesmaids) and my rehearsal dinner shoes. The room was cleaned between us leaving the room for the wedding and us returning to the room after the wedding. We didn't realize the items were missing until the next day when we were already home.

After I lodged the initial complaint (just for the cosmetics, hadn't realized the shoes had been taken from their box yet), I got an e-mail from the room director that the matter was being looked into. Never got a further response. Then a few days later packing for the honeymoon I realized the shoes were gone. So I tried calling but he never answered his phone. I left multiple messages with the front desk, was told he would call me back at specific times, and never heard from him. Sent a lengthy e-mail explaining the situation since I couldn't get him on the phone.

Then we went on the honeymoon. We got back Friday night so I called this morning. He wasn't in yet for the day when I called, so I was told he'd call me immediately when he got in. Yup, didn't happen. So I called back and had the receptionist tell him to call me back or I'd be coming down in person. He called back.

He was nothing but rude and condescending on the phone. He said that the Inn couldn't do anything about the shoes because I didn't lodge that in the initial complain. Fine, I can see that being their policy. He explains that I'll be refunded $100 for the cosmetics taken. Great. He thinks he's done at this point, but I want an apology. Call me an entitled brat, but I felt like I deserved an apology. He went on to explain how he doesn't believe that the items were stolen because that would never happen at the hotel, so he can't apologize for them being stolen but is sorry that I can't find them. So what, I'm just making this up dude? So we go back and forth arguing over what happened. I was so incredibly polite to this guy. I never raised my voice, I let the shoe thing go, I was just generally polite. And then he told me that he didn't appreciate my attitude in not just accepting the refund and getting off the phone, in quite possibly the snottiest voice ever.

So I ask if he personally talked to the person who cleaned the room that evening. He tells me he couldn't because that was her last night working for the company. Hello flashing lights illuminating the situation. I ask if that isn't just a bit suspicous. He still would not acknowledge that the items were taken. He finally ackowledged that maybe they were accidentally throw away. I was then told that if I didn't just accept the $100 credit and get off the phone, that he wouldn't give me any credit and that I'd just have file a police report. Fvcking asshole.

CN: The hotel maid who cleaned our room on the wedding night was working her last shift for the company and stole a couple hundred dollars worth of shiit. The manager in charge of rooms wouldn't return my calls/e-mails until I threatened to come down in person, will not admit the items were taken, was a general douchcanoe, and will only issue a partial refund.
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