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Homemade Gravy Question

Do any of you ladies know how to make homemade gravy?  I have tried a few different recipes and every single time it comes out like a mushy dough rather than gravy.

I am cooking a lb of bacon and then taking the drippings and combining that with 3 tablespoons of flour and S&P.  I whisk that together before slowly adding milk.  

Any ideas?
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Re: Homemade Gravy Question

  • NebbNebb member
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    It sounds like there isnt enough liquid. Ive always mixed the flour (or whatever dry bit) in a jar with the liquid, then mixed it into drippings. It mixes so much better.
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  • Thats a thought.  I was thinking you couldn't add any other liquid before the drippings for some reason.  About how long do you typically cook it for?
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  • Agree with the liquid idea. I also am a big fan of Wondera Gravy Flour. It never clumps, love it.
  • Most gravy does well with just 2-5 minutes of cooking. Whisk constantly and go by the consistency.
  • NebbNebb member
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    Ive never really had a problem doing it that way, and my mom is the one who told me about it because I was getting frustrated about things clumping or not mixing properly. She apparently learned to do it from her mom.

    Also? I loooooooooove bisto, I add that to my roast beef drippings and it is a dream.
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  • I'd try a little less flour if it's just getting doughy. I tend to let it reduce a bit more rather than use more flour.

    I only make gravy for roasts, so I usually cook the roast itself in white or red wine depending on what I'm making, then I put it in a small pot with a tbsp or two of flour, bring it to a light boil and then turn it down and let it cook at a simmer until it thickens.
  • Thank you ladies.  I will be trying those suggestions next Sunday!
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  • Whisk constantly, adding liquid until you get the amount of gravy and consistancy you want.  If you pour in too much liquid, keep stirring - it will thicken but take a little bit longer.  When I make gravy from pork chops  it takes some time beause I make a large skillet full.  Just keep adding liquid (I use milk for gravy from pork chops, sausage, etc).

    When making gravy for roasts I cover the roast with water when cooking (I always do them in my slow cooker and cook them all day on high, they come out fall apart tender).  I add beef base  when I start it, a couple tablespoons. It really boosts the beef flavor.

    When ready to make gravy I scoop out a couple cups of the broth from the roast and bring it to a boil in a pan on the stove. I add salt and pepper.  I usually have the roast out on the serving tray "resting" while I make the gravy. I sprinkle a PINCH of salt on roast to bring up the flavor in it. 

    I put about 1/4 cup cold (not freezing cold, just cold tap water) water in a cup, stir in 2-3 tablespoons of corn starch until completely disolved. It is like water.  Remember to put water in the cup first and add the corn starch to the water, stirring until disolved. I add a tablespoon or so of the boiling broth to this cup and stir slightly to temper the corn starch/water mix.  Then slowly pour it all n to the boiling broth.  Watch it, it will most likely thicken quickly.

    This makes a great gravy, if you do get clumps just pour it through a strainer but with a little practice you won't get clumps.

    When using salt & pepper, go light - you can always add more.

  • I always use cornstarch, not flour, and mix it with some water or broth before adding it.  Flour gets clumpy.

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  • JK, I will try the cornstarch, too. I love my Wondra Gravy flour but am always up for trying something new.
  • It sounds like you are using to precise of measurements. I just take some bacon grease, add flower, then add milk. I have to go back and forth on the flower and milk until it is right.
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