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Capital One perk

Katie's post reminded me of this:

I was speaking to Capital One the other day about adding FI as an authorized user after we get married. The CSR told me that if I send in (fax I think) proof of marriage, they will apply my payments to the principal for one year. Sweet deal! Just an FYI for any of you who have a Capital One card.
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Re: Capital One perk

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    Wait, so you're saying that just because you're getting married and adding your FI to the acct, you don't have to pay interest for a year?!
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    Oh, I'm so calling.  If I don't have to pay the interest, I can get that puppy paid down in six months.  Sweet.
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    Another Capital One perk - it's currently the only large company that is offering 0% international transaction rate.  Other credit cards charge 2-5% on all charges made overseas in foreign currency.  Capital One just gives you the best exchange rate and no extra fees - for a 1 week international vacation (like a honeymoon), that really adds up!
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