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So, my boss called me today to tell me that the girl at the farthest away office is quitting and she wants me to start working there 4 days a week. She said I can think about it but she'll pay me $400 more a month...

She hinted that its apparent some changes need to be made at my current office (business has been slow) and something about shuffling staff around and not wanting to lose any staff. I pretty much got the impression that something is happening with my office soon. As in, we're either closing that office or making it a part time/ satellite office. She told me that if I make this change it saves her from hiring someone new and allows her to pay me that extra salary.

Now, I like that office, I like the girls there and I love that I'd be the only front desk person (satisfy my inner neat and control freak).
I do not like the commute. It would be about 30 miles one way and take me about 1 1/2 hrs each way. I hate that this adds about 3 hours to my work day.
I'd have to fill up 2-3 times a week instead of 1-2 times.

So...wwyd? Take it or not?

Re: WWYD?(long)

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    Stay at home all day knotting is  Judging by what you said, I don't know Rox.  If it were me I would take it, but I'm the type of person that is deathly afraid of losing my job.
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    I commuted that long for 4 years.  It sucks but I loved my job so I did it. However look at your job security, how much the extra money would turn into after gas and if you think you can stand to do this.  HTH
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    Assuming 4 days a week and 4 weeks a month, that's an extra $25 for each day you drive that far.  Would that cover the extra fuel and wear/tear on your Jeep?

    Any chance of moving somewhere a little closer to the job in the next few months or year or so?
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    Heres a pro's and con's list. In case you care (maybe it will help me)

    -More money!
    -Only have to work with evil boss lady half a day a week.
    -Have the whole front all to myself
    -Like the girls who work up there

    -Freaking long commute
    -More gas money to be spent (up to $60 more a week).
    -Will miss my friends at my current office. A lot. (they're really my only friends here in AZ)
    -Won't get off of work until 3pm on fridays instead of 2pm (possibly negotiable?).
    -Longer days due to commute


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    I really could never drive that much every single day.  Is finding a job that pays the same closer to home an option?
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    Well, you'll probably make some new friends.  And more money is always a plus, I still vote for take it.  But you have to do what's best for you.
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    So your pay increase is actually only $160 more a month, and that's not considering the wear and tear on your car. If you think your job is going away at the current office, I'd take it and look for something else. If you think you are safe for a few months, stay where you are and look for something else.

    P.S. you are adorable in your new sig pic! :)
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    I wouldn't want to do that commute.  So a little more than half the extra money is going to go towards gas right?? I mean is the extra $200 a month worth all of the commuting?? 
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    Pirate- not sure if that would cover the wear and tear. She does know I want to get a new car and she said maybe that extramoney would help me get a new vehicle...

    I could move, but I wont. The next time I move its going to be out of this state. I love our apartment and the rural area we live in and that we're closer to T's niece and mom. Stuffs also cheaper down here which I appreciate.
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    Sascha- I've looked for something close to home that pays comperable but nothing even comes close. My job sucks but it pays well for the area.

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    I think the solution is very clear here. Buy my house, move to NC, and drink lots of wine with ME!
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    Bec- Most perfect solution EVER!

    I did like your idea of taking it (since I do think its possible I coud lose my job otherwise, or at least be cut back) then looking for a new job.

    T is taking his big test for his certificate in 2 weeks and once he passes and finishes up classes we can kind of do whatever...I want to move.
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    if you'd asked last week i would have told you not to do it. now that i have been laid off and am unemployed for the first time in about 12 years, i would say TAKE the position and start looking elsewhere while you work there.
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    Sarah- I'm sorry abot your job :(
    Want to stay home all day knotting with me?
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    [QUOTE]if you'd asked last week i would have told you not to do it. now that i have been laid off and am unemployed for the first time in about 12 years, i would say TAKE the position and start looking elsewhere while you work there.
    Posted by SarahSmile23[/QUOTE]
    So sorry :^(

    That's good advice. I can tell you the commute time will likely suck; before I moved closer to my old work I did an hour and 15 minutes each way for three years, and it did indeed suck. However if I were in your position, given this awful economy, I'd take it but keep an eye out for something else.
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    If T's about to finish school and two of you are thinking about moving in the next few months, I'd keep the current job and not commute.  When you take away taxes and account for higher gas consumption, you're breaking even.  Now add in the extra hours of commute and factor in the change in your quality of life.  You're now behind.

    Keep your job as is and look for other options, maybe out of state as you mentioned.
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    It is sad but I agree to be protective of yourself in this market. It might be smart to take the job and keep looking for something else as well!

    Good luck with it all! I commuted for awhile and even though I hated the drive it was worth it because I loved where I lived!
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    Mica- I'm not entirely sure if this extra money would be under the table or not. If its being applied to my pay check and taxes are being taken off. It's not getting me any extra money, it's all just going to gas.

    T got home and we discussed it and I pretty much need to get more info from the boss and explain my concerns and go from there I guess.
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    I did that kind of commute for 17 years.  You get used to it and it's not as bad as it seems.
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    I drive 80 miles + each day. It takes me 2 hours. It isn't that bad.

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    The drive and gas usage sucks, but if you think that your hours or your position could be cut at your current office then I would probably take the offer. Something is better than nothing, and, like others have said you can start looking for something else.
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    I say take the job but look for other opportunities closer to home.  The commute does suck, especially with the extra gas expense, but if you're making more a month it'll probably even out.  I kinda like a longer commute, gives me time to clear my head and talk to myself. 
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    Is it possible for you to negotiate a higher pay increase?  Instead of hiring someone new, they get you who are already trained, already does a good job, already knows office procedures, etc.  You can let your boss know about the extra commuting time and the extra gas and then ask if there's any way they can pay you more?  Perhaps they can reimburse your gas (but make sure you don't take a tax hit there because depending on the situation, that gas reimbursement could be taxable). 

    I agree with the others that it's better to have a job in this economy because you don't know how long it will take to find the next one.
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    90 minutes to go 30 miles? Do you have an insane amount of traffic in your area?

    I drive 27 miles to work in about 33 minutes.
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    I drive about an hour fifteen and it's not the worst. Then again I'm driving quickly which helps. Stop and go traffic makes me crazy.

    I would take it and then keep looking for when you want to move.

    Cranberry, a $400 raise is pretty good for moving your office, even if half is going to gas. When I asked to transfer stores I think I received a $50 raise per month to commute (and the transfer was non-negotiable). Sucked.
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    Yikes, I drive 40 miles to work in 30 minutes.  Yay for interstates!

    I would get some more info.  If you seriously think your job will be going, I'd take the position for now and start seriously looking for something else.  But keep in mind that with all the time you'll be driving, your job searching time will be limited. 

    Will the extra amount of money completely cover your added gas and maintenence and wear and tear costs on your vehicle?  If not...I'd try to negotiate a little bit more.

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